Alicia from South Lyon, Michigan

I don't  have a library romance, or even a hilarious library story to tell, but I do know the quietness of a new town, a new home, and the noise level of a three year old and a baby who haven't been out anywhere besides the grocery store all week!  So our story begins with how the library helped to us adapt to a new place.

After moving to a new city in the dead of a cold Michigan winter last year, I was on the hunt for activities for my two girls and myself to do.  The Salem South Lyon Library was just the answer!  Oh I've been to all sorts of libraries, and what comes to mind is rows of books, quiet librarians and
dim lighting.  What a nice surprise to find a library with activities, a fireplace, Story Time, friendly faces, free DVD rentals, lots of kids programs and the solution to our winter boredom!  We signed up for weekly Story Time which involved a craft, movie nights for kids, and other special
programs.  Not only did we get to spend a morning out doing something fun, but we came home with a weeks worth of books to read, CD's to listen to a movie or two to watch and usually a cute craft!

Before I knew it, spring had arrived and we had new friends and a chance to play outside...but we haven't stopped going to the one place we treasured during those winter months.  With fun kids activities around the calendar and an endless selection of cookbooks and parenting books, what more could a mom ask for?

I know so many mothers use the library with their small kids, but to THIS mom it was the best spot to be in a new town!