Amy fromRingwood, New Jersey

Our Library serves as a center for our Community and a
 go to place for our Family.   Our Farmers Market is in the  Library parking lot, our favorite playground is behind the Library and we love to go to the Library and explore the art on display, the music in concert and the books - oh the books!  

My children have a weekly habit of going to the Library to pick out books on disc for car rides in addition to books for home.  A big benchmark of 'being a big kid' is when they each got their LIBRARY CARD!   Happy faces and the command...'wait, I have to go get my Library card!'.   We pile in the car and spend an hour or two looking for the perfect book for the week and agreeing on the best recording of a book for the car.  Characters come alive and we get to visit with neighbors and friends.  

We love our Ringwood, NJ Library!