6 Library Tweets We Loved This Week

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Library lovers are everywhere—including on Twitter.

This week, social media users shared all kinds of great thoughts about libraries, from childhood memories to the joys of getting your first grown-up library card.

We heard from authors, comedians, musicians, and more about why libraries are so important. Shout out to these folks for helping get the word out!

Here are a few highlights from the Twittersphere:

@AllieGoertz proves it’s never too late to get a library card:

@SindyLJoyce explains why libraries will always be essential to their communities:

@NekoCase shares a shout-out to the librarians who love her:

@shawnalemay reminisces about her public library branch:

@slamup shares her first memories of her school library:

And @Joannechocolat experiences an incredible blast from the past:

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