Andrea Cremer

Andrea Cremer: Librarians are on the front lines

"My love of libraries started at the age of 4."

Well, my love of libraries started probably at age four.

Libraries were like a home to me. I'm from a small town, and Vaughn Public Library in Ashland, Wisconsin was the place where I spent my summer and then it was my first job when I was in high school as a library page.

I just knew that whenever I needed anything, in terms of a recommendation or if I had a question, the librarians were my friends. I would go talk to them and I never had to be shy.

They always had something wonderful to share with me. And it was just a place that felt warm and exciting and full of all sorts of great things.

I understand research and reference systems really well, so, when I needed to find something librarians gave me the tools to know where to go look for it. Definitely. And there's a lot of history in my writing, so knowing how to do that is great.

Librarians are the ones, particularly in terms of issues of censorship and and freedom of speech. Librarians are on the front lines really reaching leaders and helping people understand how important writer and reader advocacy is, and I really appreciate all the work that they do.

This my debut novel, "Nightshades." It's the first of a trilogy for young adults...paranormal...and it's the story of Calla Tor whose an alpha-guardian and they're wolf shape-shifters. Not traditional werewolves. I've created a new mythology, and I'm also a professor of history at Macalester College and this world creates a new history where a war between witches has been going on since the 1800s and is still going on today and the wolves, the animals of the story, are on the front lines of that war and it's their story, they're coming of age. The story of their past.

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Vaughn Public Library in Ashland, Wisconsin