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Anthony Del Col talks about libraries at C2E2

My memories are... back when I was a child, I used to go to the Whitney Public Library, which was right beside the fire hall where my dad was volunteer firefighter in Porcupine, Ontario, Canada.

The memories are all around the Berenstain Bears. My sister and I were huge fans of the Berenstain Bears, and the librarian there was and elderly woman by the name of Mrs. Coolidge. And she just really... she was the one that really introduced us to reading.

She knew that we were huge fans of the Berenstain Bears. Whenever a new book would come out, she would put it aside just for my sister and I. So we would come in and she would be like," Oh, I have a surprise for you." We always knew what it would be, but there was always that curiosity. "What exactly is it going to be? What does she have for us?" It would always be the next issue... the next Berenstain Bears book.

And, ya, it was just that personal touch. I mean the libraries were great because my mom would take us every week, or every two weeks, just to pick up new books to read, and to experience. But it was that personal connection where it was the librarian, Mrs. Coolidge, who, she knew what we liked and introduced us to it.

And, ya, I look back very, very fondly on those moments.

I actually read most of my graphic novels through the library, and trade paperbacks, of course, because it would take a lot of money to buy every single book that I'm interested in...every single volume of "Fables" or "Walking Dead" or anything like that. I go to the library for that.

I go to the library to rent DVDs. I go to the library to rent other fiction, non-fiction, to do research... everything. I mean, I 'm a huge fan know, I go... I hop on and reserve everything in advance online, and I've got about a fifty titles on hold at this moment.

I'm looking for... you know, I go...I stop by every week, but I mean libraries are one of the most important systems in any municipal government, so I think all governments need to really pay attention to that.

The majority of our time these days is spent on killing that little guy by the name of William Shakespeare, or are we saving William Shakespeare? Only you will find out if you read "Kill Shakespeare."

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Kill Shakespeare

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Whitney Public Library, Porcupine, Ontario, Canada