Benjamin Alire Saenz

Benjamin Alire Saenz: The Guidance of Librarians

"Librarians have always helped me understand the world I live in."

I was born in the desert.
I want to die in the desert.
I want to die in the middle of the summer at ten o'clock in the morning preferably on the hottest day of the year.
I want everyone who comes to my funeral to keep repeating, "Damn it was hot."

Librarians always helped me understand the world I live in because they guided me to the books I wanted to read.

When I was in high school there was a banned book And the banned book was entitled "Johnny Got His Gun." And I asked my librarian about the book and she said, "I'll get you a copy."

I love that book. The book is very touching for me was really...  I really so much didn't read it as an anti-war book as man who was suffering. Here was a man who had lost all bodily functioning, but he could think and he could feel and that, much more than his actual thoughts moved me and made me cry because no one was listening.

And I thought, "How could they ban this book?"

I read at our public all of the time because they have authors come a lot. I go in and read to kids in school libraries all of the time Little kids because they have some of my children's books.

And it's great and I always insist that I read to them in their libraries because I want to remind kids that this is the heart of your school.

I think one of the things librarians remind us is that books are a value. I think we always have to push back that books are important. And if anybody knows that, it's librarians. They know books, they believe in books, they love books and they can remind us that books can indeed help save our culture.

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