Kat Richardson

Kat Richardson: 'I always felt they were the most magical place in the world'

"When I was a kid the library was my absolute favorite place. "

When I was a kid the library was my absolute favorite place. They used to let me borrow all kinds of books. It was someplace where you could always find a new story or a new adventure. And I always felt safe in libraries, I always thought they were the most magical place in the world. My father was an English teacher, so he started me at uh...oh gosh...I don't remember a time when I didn't read or was read to.

So, a library was more like a place to foster an expansion of reading and learning to read harder books because my father tended to read easy books. And then as I got older, the library allowed me to read harder and harder books, things that I was interested instead of just what my dad wanted me to read.

I've always used the school library. I still use libraries. Public libraries, school libraries...the school libary was always a great place to find pretty much any answer you needed.

Well, I mostly use them as primary source resourcs for research. I also borrow fiction books just to read, because I want to keep on reading. I love to read and I love nonfiction. The library is a great place to find something on a nonfiction topic that's well written and well researched, not necessarily the same old canned stuff off of the Web.

[On budget cuts]

I think it's terrible. I think they should be one of the last things cut, and that we really need libraries more than a lot of other resources because if you can read, you can expand your horizons, you can teach yourself, you can go beyond the limits that are put on you by everything else around you. But if you can't read and you don't have the resources of the library, either one of these,you're so much more limited.I think that library budget cuts are a tragedy.

[On censorship]

Trying to restrict the ideas that people are exposed  to is ultimately bad for everyone, and I think ithurts more than it helps.

Well, I'm revising book 8 in the Greywalker series. It will be coming out in August of this year. And I'm working on a proposal for a new series which I can't discuss in too much detail. I'm also working on a couple of other non-book projects, including what we hope will be a graphic novel. 

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