Laura Dave

Laura Dave: 'No one should be the arbiter of what we're reading and what we're not reading

The library was incredibly influential.

You know, we had...I grew up in a town outside New York City and we had this great library that had reading series that I would go to all the time and these great carrells in the back where you could sit and read books. And I remember every week my Mom would take me and I would get to pick two more books to read for that week.

I just still remember that so fondly, because having access to so many books and being able to explore and pick and meet other people who really care about books.

It was incredibly influential.

Well, you know, I have a couple of librarians that I love and actually even in Los Angeles, where I live now we have a great local library about ten blocks from my house which I frequent often.

Now use a library more for work.

I do some writing there and also I do a lot of research. So it's more work related, but when I was working on when I was working on this book, "The First Husband,"  I couldn't be in one of the towns where it  takes place and a librarian in Massachusetts helped me quite a bit. And with my last book, a librarian in Montauck helped me so much that I actually thanked her in the back of the book... for all of her assistance.

I'm always involved in fundraisers to try to help libraries, to try to keep books and people's ability to have access to books and experience the joy they can bring into their lives. To do what we can to keep  alive, I think is incredibly important.

[On censorship] You know, I'm a big believer that
and no one should be the arbiter of what we're reading and what we're not reading and one of the great things about libraries and librarians is that they can help you find whole genres that you wouldn't know you're interested in.

If books are banned, if they're limited and
taken away from the shelves, it limits their ability to help you find a book or an author that you're
really gonna love. My latest book is called "The First Husband" and it is the result of a question I was wondering about, which is

"How do we not live our life in reaction," and it really focuses on making a life-long commitment in a proactive way that we can feel great about it. In order to work on
this book and write this book, I did a bunch of research about marriage and commitment and how we now, in a society that is more disposable, where things are always changing and we are always being forced to make lots
of movement, figure out how to build something that
is permanent, that takes work, and that's sort of what the book focuses on.

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