Lori Wilde

Lori Wilde: 'I felt like he had given me the key to the world'

Every Saturday I couldn't wait to get to the bookmobile and get my library books.

My father was a reporter and he always wanted to be a writer and I remember the first time he took me to the library, he had probably taken me before, but I remember when I was about six, he took me in there and got me my own library card, and I felt like he had given me the key to the world.

He would let me go to the adult section instead of the juvenile. [chuckles]

Back in those days we had the bookmobile and it would come to our little small community and every Saturday I couldn't wait to get to the bookmobile and  get my library books.

[Her favorite librarian?]

Well I should probably say my mother and my father, since they're both librarians. They were teachers and they went to library school and got their degrees so they could  work in libraries.

[On library budget cuts] Our library is O.K. It's doing alright. It's really the only library in the area, so we're kind of safe on that, but it really is alarming what's happening with libraries and I'm very concerned, because it's who it's going to limit is the people who really need library services.

[How do you use the library?]

Generally, it's research and audio books. I like a lot of audio books, and it's great to grab those at the library.

Well, I'm told that this is the year of the cowboy. Apparently cowboys are supposed to take over vampires this year. I just happen to be lucky that I have three cowboys books out this year and it's set in my home town of Weatherford, Texas. I've changed the name to Jubilee to protect the guilty and it's about cutting horse cowboys. It's a new series.  

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