Lucy Christopher

Lucy Christopher: Nurtured by Libraries

"My personal connection with librarians really caused me to become a confident child."

I absolutely adore libraries. I've got a very personal relationship with libraries, because when I was ten my family moved from Whales in the U.K. to Australia and I was terrified and I didn't fit in anywhere where I lived in Australia.

And I was the the little short Welsh kid that just didn't fit in. So I used to find the only place I could where I could be quiet and calm which was my school library.

My librarian who was lovely, who was American, actually, called Mrs. Adamson, took pity on me and took me under her wings. "OK Lucy, if you're in the library, that's brilliant, but while you're here, why don't you read."

So she gave me lots and lots and lots of books. And when I was young I didn't really read much at all. Suddenly coming to Australia and having all these books and reading, that really brought up my confidence and I fitted in.

I do use libraries, actually. I sometimes will do my very base writing in a library. So there's a library near us that's beautiful and quiet and I will quite often take my notebook before I get on to the computer and do my very initial writing, sort of sketching out chapters, and I like doing that.

I really enjoy going to the library to write.

Wow, [librarians] they're really, really important people. Something that really saddens me, that I heard not very long ago, is that there are still schools in the U.K. that don't have libraries or librarians. And that really, really shocked me because obviously my personal connection with librarians really helped me become a confident child, so I think librarians have an important role, a nurturing role really, to play in schools, as well as a knowledge giving role, too.

"Stolen," this is my first book. It's just been published in the States, so I'm over here with my wonderful editor, Barry Cunningham to promote "Stolen" to American audiences, which is just fantastic.

"Stolen" is about a sixteen year old girl from London called Gemma who is away on a family holiday and in the airport where she's changed planes, she meets an older, attractive and strangely familiar man called Ty, who ends up kidnapping her and who takes her to the middle of the great sand desert in Australia and holds her captive. And where, over time, her relationship changes a little bit towards both Ty, the kidnapper, and the desert he's taken her to.

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