Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer: 'I was the kid in a candy store'

"I was like a kid in a candy store."

I remember going to the library when I was a kid, and I was such a book lover, such a fan of reading and books.And, you know, I didn't really get the point, at first, that they were ytou could take as many as you wanted.

And when that finally became clear, I was like a kid in a candy store. I remember just filling up my arms with as many books as I could carry, and then taking them home, and then, of course, three weeks later being on a mad reading rush to read them all before they're due back.

But I love it. It's just a magical place, the library.

Of course, of course it's responsible for my love of reading.
I remember reading "The Chronicles of Narnia," which were the first non-picture books that I ever read on my own, and I checked those out. from the library. And they seemed so big at
the time. And those are one of the series of books, along with "The Hobbit," that really sparked my love of reading and the fantasy genre in particular.

I do use the library as a research tool. People think that Wikipedia can cut it. It can't. And so I always make a trip to the library to pick up books for researching whatever book I'm working on.

I think that libraries are an invaluable resource for our communities and children in particular. And so, it does make me sad to think that they're getting their budgets' cut.

[On censorship]

I do not like book censorship. I feel that it's the parent's job to know what your kids are reading. And whether or not you agree with that, I don't think it's the library's job.

And I personally feel like a kid should be to be able to read any book that they want. I have no problem with kids exploring.

Well, my first novel, "Cinder," came out in January. It's a futuristic retelling of "Cinderella," and the second book,it will be a four book series. The second one, "Scarlett," will be out ion February, and the third one,"Cress," which is based on "Rapunzel," will be out in 2014.

And so I'm working on "Cress" right now. "Scarlett" is done.
I'm about three-quarters of the way through book three. It's going well. I'm very excited about it.

[Will it be any easier for Cinderella in the future than it was in the past?]

No, life is not any easier for Cinderella in the future...poor thing...poor girl.

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