Matt Dembicki

Matt Dembicki: An Affinity for Books

"Libraries are under-appreciated resources."

The idea for this trickster in the book kind of came from that actually. I was at the library and I always had an affinity for folklore and I was looking at their folklore section and I came across a prose book of trickster stories. So that was kind of the seed of this book particularly.

We always use the library, my wife and I use the City of Fairfax Regional Public Library, and it's a great resource.

It's also great to get our kids books there, to see what they like and don't like. Then we'll go buy the books they do like.

I remember doing research when I was in elementary school and high school. We had to go to the libraries and that kind of builds an affinity for books.

My mother actually, I didn't know how to speak English until I was like five or six years old. My mother read that, my parents were immigrants, and she read in the newspaper that comic books might be a way to encourage kids to read books.

So that kind of got me started since then I visit the library, I'm just thrilled that a lot of libraries now are carrying graphic novels and all sorts of collections. It's a wonderful resource.

So when people ask me about a particular book I say, "You should go check it out at the library, see if you like it. If you like it you can go buy it, if you don't you don't have to worry about it. You can get another book out of the library and see if you like it."

Frequently visit your library. If you don't... the library can help guide you from what you think you want. You might have a general idea of what you want, they might be able to just zero in specifically what might be of  interest to you.

It's one of those unappreciated resources. I think people don't realize until they use it how valuable libraries are.

It's a collection of Native American trickster stories. All the stories are written by Native American storytellers and I've paired them up with various comic book artists. The tricksters come from all over the country, so they've got a nice range of animals from the traditional coyote and rabbit to racoon and raven.

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