Melissa de la Cruz

Melissa de la Cruz

I go as an author and I also go just as a mom.

My favorite memories of libraries is when we first moved to America, I was a thirteen-year-old immigrant from the Philippines and that my dad took me to the public library for the first time, and we don't have public libraries in the Philippines, or if we do, there's almost very little books in them because, as my dad said, everything gets stolen, and so he was just so moved by the bounty in the library.

He could not believe that Americans would let you borrow them and that we could have books for free.

And it was just amazing to see how moved he was, and it really was this huge valuable thing that he'd given us, that he had moved us from a country, you know, with no public libraries uh... or at least not well stocked... to a place where they were all these wonderful public libraries.

And so we went to the library every week and we could there borrow as many books as we wanted and it's a tradition that I've kept with my daughter. I think it was because you could borrow as many as you wanted.

I was a big, voracious reader and I was always the kid with the stack of twelve books... to know that I could read whatever I wanted, you know, without having a financial uh... you know kind of cap on it.

Because we were immigrants and money was tight and to know that you know you could just get all these books. It was just wonderful and that's all I did. All I did was read and all I did was read books in the library. We love our local library... in Studio City and also in Palm Springs, and those are two of the libraries we frequent.

We do work there. My friend and I work at the Pasadena Library. One of my friends live in Pasadena, so we decided work in their main branch of the Pasadena Library.

And then I take my kids to the Studio City Library every Friday and borrow books. And I've done a bunch of little library events. I visited the Sherman Oaks Library... the library at Van Nuys, so you know, I go as an author and I also go just as a mom.

[On budget cuts] I think it's it just terrible. I mean you know, you need to keep libraries open. You need to keep the libraries staffed. and I think the budget cuts are really gonna cut into the heart of you know our democracy, of our way of life and you know libraries are a way for people to get an education. And I think it's really terrible that you know they're closing or they have shorter hours, or not as much money to buy the books that the kids need to read.

[On censorship] Well, I came from a country that did ban books. And you know, not just books, but TV shows, movies... I mean censorship was just a way of life. If President Marcos didn't like it, or thought that it would instigate the populace to rebel ... "let's not give anybody ideas..." So I'm definitely against banning books and censorship.

I think one year my friend Ellen Hopkins has invited, and then disinvited, to a library festival in Texas and as a group all of the other authors decided. "Well, we can stand for that." My books are very different from Ellen's. We're different kinds of writers; we write about different things, but I think as writers, we should all unite against, you know, that kind of thinking.

The latest one that is coming out soon is, well right now, "Serpent's Kiss" is out, which is the "Witched of East End" sequel and then the finale of Blue Blood. It's called "Gates of Paradise" is coming out in January and we also have the Blue Bloods graphic novel and the spinoff called "Wolf Fact," which is a original e-book, is coming out in November, and then a new series that I wrote with my husband for Penguin called "Frozen: The Other Land Chronicles" is going to be coming out next March.

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