Michael Eric Dyson

Michael Eric Dyson: "I love libraries and librarians."

"I love libraries and librarians."

Libraries are extremely important. I still owe some library fines for books I have out -- gotta admit it right here on camera -- in Detroit. So they probably added up to a 1.7 million dollar now fine. But I'm grateful, and I'll try to pay it, because libraries have been extraordinarily important to me. And I love to, you know, inhale the the actual papyrus. I love the physical book. I don't want to be a Luddite. I don't mind your Kindle, if you want to start some fires, but in terms of, you know, the physical text 186.7. I like going there. That's not a... young people, that's not the call letter for a radio station of your favorite music, that is where we organize knowledge according to discipline. And those libraries are extremely important and librarians are extremely important, as well. Pointing me the right way. Providing me a womb of literacy in which I could just stay for a while until I went clothed into the world with the knowledge that those libraries brought. So, I love libraries and librarians.