Paula Poundstone

Paula Poundstone Stands Up for Libraries

"In these difficult economic times, libraries are more and more valuable to people."

You know I do a lot of stuff to support Friends the Libraries around the country, and people, sometimes when I do interviews, not this interview, but sometimes when I do interviews, people say, "Why libraries?" like as if I've chosen this really controversial topic. I have yet to be picketed on the away into one of my libraries.

You know now, in these difficult economic times, more than ever, it's sort of a ironic that libraries are always up on the chopping block somehow, because now, of all times, they're more and more valuable to people. Those of us who can't necessarily rush out and buy books all the time, and even if you could, not everything is available the way it is at the library.

People looking for work are using resources that libraries are now providing for job searches. A place to entertain the kids. I personally hate the computers, but still, okay, there they are. So there's actually a lot of things offered there.

We had... I grew up in Massachusetts where we had the Goodnow Library and usually the Ross family took us every few weeks or so. And although we were thrilled to go, the truth is, you know, it was a library that had several copies of "Make Way for Ducklings," and that was about it in terms of the children's library, but now the place is really just alive with stuff.

Our Santa Monica library, I don't think they ever went ahead with it, but at one point, they had on the table the idea for ukulele club. Just the idea that people were sitting around thinking about that is kind of great.

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