Wendelin Van Draanen

Wendelin Van Draanen

I loved the summer reading program. I was a maniac for getting stars or rocket ships or whatever it was that they were giving out.

My favorite memories of libraries is...  ... I grew up in Monrovia, California and they need had this awesome summer program where you got stars for all the books that you read.  And I was a maniac for getting stars or rocket ships or whatever it was that they were giving out for your poster.

So I loved the summer reading program.

I loved going to the library.  I loved the big tree outside  of the library... to climb. There's just an amazing selection of books that you can choose from. So you could just kind of wander through the shelves to look for something that catches your eye and then it opens up this whole world to you that you weren't expecting, and an adventure that  you hadn't been on yourself.  So it just a kind of opened the world to you. 

I use my library...well I have kids, so I started the whole cycle over again with my kids. We'd go to the library, check out the books, read them at home and then of we just became... do the same cycle that your mother did with you.  During summer reading, you do summer reading and I just use it as a place for resources.

I use it as a place to hang out  and write sometimes.  I use it as a place to meet my friends and to check out books. 

I'm working on the 17th Sammy Keyes book.  There are going to be a total of 18,  and so were wrapping down this long-running series, and it's a very  emotional thing for me. I used to go to the library and check out mysteries, and now kids  who have been following Sammy Keyes  since they were in the third or fourth grade are in college and they're writing me that they're still checking out my books and don't know...  It's a wonderful kind of confusing, emotional feeling.

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Sammy Keyes series

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Monrovia, California