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The idea for this trickster in the book kind of came from that actually. I was at the library and I always had an affinity for folklore and I was looking at their folklore section and I came across a prose book of trickster stories. So that was kind of the seed of this book particularly.We always use the library, my wife and I use the City of Fairfax Regional Public Library, and it's a great resource.It's also great to get our kids books there, to see what they like and don't like. Then we'll go buy the books they do like.I remember doing research when I was in elementary school and high... READ MORE
I was born in the desert.I want to die in the desert.I want to die in the middle of the summer at ten o'clock in the morning preferably on the hottest day of the year.I want everyone who comes to my funeral to keep repeating, "Damn it was hot."Librarians always helped me understand the world I live in because they guided me to the books I wanted to read.When I was in high school there was a banned book And the banned book was entitled "Johnny Got His Gun." And I asked my librarian about the book and she said, "I'll get you a copy."I love that book. The book is very touching for me because...... READ MORE
Well, my love of libraries started probably at age four.Libraries were like a home to me. I'm from a small town, and Vaughn Public Library in Ashland, Wisconsin was the place where I spent my summer and then it was my first job when I was in high school as a library page.I just knew that whenever I needed anything, in terms of a recommendation or if I had a question, the librarians were my friends. I would go talk to them and I never had to be shy.They always had something wonderful to share with me. And it was just a place that felt warm and exciting and full of all sorts of great things.I... READ MORE
I remember going into the community library probably when I was 8,9, 10 years old and that was just the coolest place because it was where I could go and just rummage through books and find whatever book I wanted, find a table, just kind of lay out all my stuff on the my homework, but more actually, important, just kind of browse through books. I have every very fond memories of community libraries.When I was in college I went to school at Stanford University and so, of course, I frequented the Stanford LIbrary probably every day.Actually, what I've discovered is that the library... READ MORE
Well, I spent a lot of time in libraries when I was a kid. I lived in small towns all over the South. There wasn't a whole lot to do at times, and my mother did not believe in television.I had a bunch of brothers and sisters and we would go to the library and check out "the max," whatever the max was. And we would go home with just a pile of books and read. We just grew up surrounded by books from the library.We used to love to go on Saturday mornings, go to the library for shows or readings, kid's books, or whatever. It was a very big part of my childhood.One recent story, after Katrina hit... READ MORE
I think a library is essential to any vibrant society. But when I was in the second or third grade, we had to go to the library once a week. I went to the library, I didn't know what I wanted to read, wasn't really interested in Goosebump books and the other books the kids were reading.The librarian showed me this set of encyclopedias. These were sports encyclopedias. So I was in third or fourth grade and I knew who George Mikan was. I knew who the Minneapolis Lakers were. I knew who Dave Bing was. I read all these fascinating stories.One I still remember is Dave Bing used to shoot baskets in... READ MORE
I love libraries. I've always loved libraries, I love libraries in particular because many of my closest friends are librarians, because they truly are our best supporters and they are champions for kids.So they are the ones doing the best work to connect kids to books which is very important.It's the best place to go place to go... and I just go through books, especially older books I find it very fascinating. Some of my best research comes when I go out of the ordinary resources to look for my inspiration. And sometimes I find it in very unexpected places at the library.I believe that..... READ MORE
First of all, my mother, who was a public library advocate took us to public libraries from the time we were little. It's something I really believe in as a teacher, as a former book editor and now as an author.And it's more important than ever to keep these libraries open.My whole life has been in reading, writing, teaching, editing and promoting reading. And people read the books and now that I've done this job-hunting book "Can I Wear My Nose Ring to the Interview?" I'm speaking across the country at public libraries helping people do the kinds of self presentation work that they need to... READ MORE
When I was a kid my father would take us to the Flint Public Library every Saturday, we just about lived in the children's section.Then, in my early forties, when I decided to become a writer, I was naturally drawn to the library to write, and that's where all of my books are written.I go to the library to write. There's something about the energy there that I love, and just makes me feel very good, very at home.When I had written my first book, the first person to read it was a librarian that worked at the public library. And I gave it to her and you know, they didn't... I didn't know that I... READ MORE
I would not be a writer were not for libraries.I am where I am specifically because of libraries, and particularly the Uphams Corner Branch, which is in Boston.So libraries... tell working-class kids and poor kids that they matter. When you go into a library you can read the same book as anybody else. It's there for you.This entire world of knowledge is waiting for you. Libraries are like the gate-keepers and the guides. They take you to what you need, when you need it.They can show you where to find the knowledge. I mean you can can't just walk in and look through 20,000 books. and know... READ MORE