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I live in this great little town called Kettering, Ohio. And right down the road there is a wonderful public library called the Wright Memorial Public Library, and those reference librarians are my heroes.I do all my research for my books there. All my books kind of center around a social issue that I really care about. And when I was working on "Two Truths and a Lie," which dealt with addiction, I remember one of the librarians was this African-American man who had this deep voice like James Earl Jones, he had this amazing voice, And I'm in the periodical room and he says, "Katrina," in this... READ MORE
Oh, I think libraries are such a life line. For me, I started going to the library when I was five. And the worst moment of my library experience always came at the end when my mother made me limit it to 12 books that I could take home that week.And it was just such agony, because I had like 40 that I'd already come back with. She'd say, "No, we're coming back next Saturday, it's only 12."So for me, libraries are where I learned to love books. As a kid I learned to... actually, my first editing job was at a library, doing a journal and I was probably 10 or 11. My mother dropped me off and... READ MORE
You know I do a lot of stuff to support Friends the Libraries around the country, and people, sometimes when I do interviews, not this interview, but sometimes when I do interviews, people say, "Why libraries?" like as if I've chosen this really controversial topic. I have yet to be picketed on the away into one of my libraries.You know now, in these difficult economic times, more than ever, it's sort of a ironic that libraries are always up on the chopping block somehow, because now, of all times, they're more and more valuable to people. Those of us who can't necessarily rush out and buy... READ MORE
[How have libraries helped in your career?]In different ways. As a kid, that's where I went every Saturday and I was allowed to check out six books. I read Edward Eager and Beverly Cleary and Elizabeth Enright. I just devoured everything that I could get my hands on.So as a kid, they fed my love for reading. As a grown up, librarians are... you know, they put my books in the hands of other kids and they support my books, when they can. Not all do, but most do and they help me to have the courage to say, "Yes, it's OK. It's OK to write about stuff that might 'get me in trouble,'" and they'll... READ MORE
I've always loved libraries, ever since Mrs. Dickerman in elementary school used to bring us to the library and gather us around the rocking chair and read books to us.I grew up in East Brunswick, New Jersey and used the East Brunswick Public Library all the time. I did a lot of research for my first book, "The Houdini Box" at the East Brunswick Public Library.The value of librarians is sort of indescribable. The fact that there are people who are gatekeepers for all human knowledge in so many ways, and the fact that we can walk into a library and say, "I need to learn about this, I need to... READ MORE
Libraries, to me, are a space and time that changed the whole direction of my life.I come from Mexico. In Mexico we do have public libraries, but we don't have libraries like the ones that exist here in the United States.When I fist came to the United States and I saw the public libraries for the first time, I was amazed and I was in awe. I couldn't believe that the books that were in the library were so beautiful, and especially the children's section of the library was amazing to me because I had never seen books like the ones that are published in the United States.So I fell completely in... READ MORE
I used to give a talk called, "Orphaned at birth and Raised by Kindly Librarians"  and that was meant to be a joke, but the older I got, the more I realized there was some truth to it.  My parents did rely on libraries, the public libraries of Albany, New York, as being, not just the babysitters, but sort of the centers of morality and the aesthetic guideposts for the rest of their child-rearing needs.Because my parents were very strict, going to the library was the only liberty that they felt they could actually indulge in.So I found in the books, especially  in the children's... READ MORE
I was at the library two, three, four times a week and I checked out the maximum number, whenever I could. I was, from a very, very young age, a total book nut.My father always tells the story of finding me at the age of, I don't know, four or five, backseat of his car reading a back issue of The Atlantic. I mean I clearly had no idea what it was, but it didn't matter whether it was a cereal box or The Atlantic or "The Dragonriders of Pern," or anything.I was just...I could get so immersed in everything, so libraries were key, otherwise I would have broken the bank [laughs]One of my greatest... READ MORE
Well, library affectation in my life was pronounced and deep. I grew up in Litchfield, Connecticut and our library was the Oliver Wolcott Library which was about two miles from my house and I spent more time there almost than I spent in school.I went there every single day after school It was my babysitter, it was the hub of my social life.I had my first kiss on the stone wall outside library.I learned to read in that library. The first word ever read was the word "red" (r-e-d), and it was in a book of Swedish fairy tales that my mom had gotten at the library and she was reading it to me I... READ MORE