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I grew up being an avid reader my parents were divorced when I very young and my dad lived in Connecticut and my mom lived in Nebraska, so when I would go to Nebraska for the summer, I'd go to in library, the Omaha Public Library, and borrow the maximum number of books, read them, one a day and return them and do the same thing about six times during my trip.So, I ran a lot and spent a lot of time in the library. My junior and senior of high school my bus route changed and I got dropped off at school about an hour before classes began. And I went to library every morning and read The New York... READ MORE
Well, I think that there's alot of different ways to slice the question of e-books in libraries.There are questions of principle, there are questions of immediate income, there are questions of sensible policy, there are questions of law.As a practical matter, I think that libraries have been so important to the careers of writers, and librarians are such fabulous advocates and, in particular, nonpartisan advocates for authors... I mean when you think of the people who advocate for authors right now, we have one enormous Internet bookseller that really wants to sell books, don't get me wrong... READ MORE
I did grow up going to libraries as a kid and so on but for me that most memorable period I spent in a library was in grade 9.I got sent to a high school that I just really didn't like. It was very structured. I had gone to kind of hippie, groovy alternative schools until then. And I just stopped going. And I started going downtown to the Toronto Metro Reference Library and wandering the shelves, pulling down random books, reading them until I found something that struck my interest, and then going to the subject index and going and pulling down another book... spelunking through the old film... READ MORE
When I was pretty young, I must have been 13 or something, I remember finding the first journal publication of a solid 3d object rendered by a computer in some article in the New Mexico State University library and I checked it out and I was so excited that I was running down the street outside the library stopping strangers to make them look at it like an idiot, but I just used to be so filled with enthusiasm that I couldn't help it. [I] just like showed things to random people.So, I remember that, and I also remember in that same library, I would say that the New Mexico State University... READ MORE
It is hard for me to describe what the library means to me.When I was young, I lived in Shaghai and my family had a library on the third floor. It was in the library my Shanghai papa cultivated in me the lasting impression of the importance of ideas. And he told me like books,ideas needs proper caring and then I came to the United States as a student.Libraries large and small became my refugee. And it was in the library that I found independent thinking. I could find a world of ideas and wisdom and it was in the library I found language of computer science, which allowed me to change the... READ MORE
So I went to bookstores to be around shelves of books and spend time in their company, but I discovered libraries in France, when I moved there in 1976.And I remember walking into one the first time and just kind of being in disbelief that I could walk out with a book without having to pay for it. I could borrow it and readit...and then I could come back and get another one. So it was really kind of a novel idea for me and I was like a kid...a proverbial kid in a candy store, because I read so many books growing up.I love books. I love being around them and so my first experience with... READ MORE
The first library that I actually remember making use of was the Walnut Street Library in Harrisburg, which is part of the Dauphin County Library System. And we moved to Harrisburg when I was not quite nine years old. And I started school there in the Harrisburg School District, and I used to take art lessons in this building that was around the block from the library.And so they would drop me off at 9:00 in the morning and then I would get picked up at about noon. And so when I finished my lesson, I would go over to the library and that is where I would hang out for the next couple of hours... READ MORE
I grew up in South Tacoma, Washington, and the South Tacoma Public Library was the place where I got my love of reading and my dream of being an author. And so I can still remember each aisle and which ones have my favorite books...and where the fairy tales were and where the adult books was a very formative experience.I'm an avid researcher. My books are set in Napoleonic times, and so I have to do a lot of research, and so I use both public and university libraries as well as my own books. It's been interesting to go abroad, I've become kind of a library junkie, so I've used the... READ MORE
I grew up in a small town in Washington state and there just wasn't much culture there at all.And if I wanted culture outside of my house, it [the library] was really the only place to go. And I would very often go. In the two small towns I'm from Montlake Lake and Aberdeen...Even when I became a young adult, I would be visiting my parents from my job on the East Coast, I would got to the library almost every day in these towns, because that's the only place where I could find interesting stuff to think about.Well, I live in Seattle, the Seattle system is just terrific. You can get virtually... READ MORE
Well, I remember in particular, especially during the summer, my mother would take me and my siblings. So, I'm the oldest of four kids. She would drag us all in the car to the library. It was our favorite day of the week.We'd load our backpacks up with books and my especially favorite memories were of storytime as a child, and being able to go and listen to the librarian tell stories in particular a library in Kitsap  County in Washington State that had a little room with a child's door. It was very imaginative. The children could go through the small door to the storytime.And as a teen... READ MORE