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When I was a kid the library was my absolute favorite place. They used to let me borrow all kinds of books. It was someplace where you could always find a new story or a new adventure. And I always felt safe in libraries, I always thought they were the most magical place in the world. My father was an English teacher, so he started me at uh...oh gosh...I don't remember a time when I didn't read or was read to.So, a library was more like a place to foster an expansion of reading and learning to read harder books because my father tended to read easy books. And then as I got older, the... READ MORE
As a kid my parents would take me to the library all the time, kind of on a weekly basis and I think we'd take half the library home with us at each time. And we'd read a bunch of books.We had a big old house and the books would all get lost. Ultimately, we had to stop going to thelibrary, because we were racking up so many fines, because we'd takes so many books home, read them, and then never bring them back. So, my memory is of angry librarians shaking their fists at us when they ran our card through the scanner.My parents did everything they could to foster reading and...I have happy... READ MORE
I have to go back to the start, my elementary school in Lexington, Kentucky. Clays Mill Elementary. I guess one of my earliest memories is just going in for storytime with Miss Creedcraft (sp?) who was my elementary school librarian.It was...I was like a normal typical boy, I liked sports and all that stuff, but going to Miss Creedcraft's story hour was sort of like almost as cool as going to gym class because we would all sit around in the room and she just had such a warm way about her. And that just sticks with you for your life.I think it goes back to that experience where well... READ MORE
As a matter of a fact, I grew up in Glendale. California,and there is an arts and music libraryjust up the hill from my house called Brand Library and it's was a beautiful private home built with a Moorish influence, and it had become this fantastic library, and it was my consolation all the time I was in high school. I would head up there and read books onart and artists and check out records. That's where I got my entireliberal education, which meant alot in ain a stultifying place like Glenview.So, I credit that particular library with providing me with something more than consolation and... READ MORE
I remember going to the library when I was a kid, and I was such a book lover, such a fan of reading and books.And, you know, I didn't really get the point, at first, that they were ytou could take as many as you wanted.And when that finally became clear, I was like a kid in a candy store. I remember just filling up my arms with as many books as I could carry, and then taking them home, and then, of course, three weeks later being on a mad reading rush to read them all before they're due back.But I love it. It's just a magical place, the library.Of course, of course it's... READ MORE
My favorite memories of libraries are probably when my mother, who was an elementary school teacher, would take me after school to our public library in  Hopewell, New Jersey.And we would just hang out.  My mother's a huge reader, still is, we just met...that was sort of the hang out spot after school for many afternoons when I was growing up. And I would just roam the children's section and they had a nice little cozy area so I could grab a few books and sit down comfortably and read some stories. So, that's probably where it all started for me.Well, I think libraries, as they are... READ MORE
My favorite memories of libraries are going there... going there after school for the two hours before my mom wasavailable to pick me up, and going through the stacks, back in the days of the Dewey Decimal System and card catalogs.Just going to a section of the stacks that looked interesting, finding a book that I liked it, and then looking at all of the books next and above and below that book, and thinking that I was going for one book and end up checking out nine or ten.Libraries fostered my love of reading by having some so many things, so many topics that I was interested in available,... READ MORE
I spent most of my childhood in libraries, whether it was going to the public library,whether it was my school library or going to visit my mother who was in elementary school reading teacher and hanging out in that library.So I've always been surrounded by books and what I always loved about that was whenever I wanted to read about, I could just reach out and touch.Honestly, maybe it's just me, but I love just the actual physical feeling of being in the library. Having a book in my hand. The smell of the book. An e-reader just doesn't have the same experiences as actually sitting someplace... READ MORE
Well, you know, when I was a kid my mom would take us to the library. Every summer we had to get our books every them. And I just read for enertainment. It didn't really cross my mind that it was something I was supposed to do to better myself.I just was reading mysteries and there was a series...Alfred Hitchcock actually did a kids mystery series.I thought he had written them, but I think he just was sort of the umbrella over them.But I used to love them; they used to spook me so much. And then, when I was seventeen, I decided I needed, kind of, I needed to start reading serious... READ MORE
My favorite memories of libraries is...  ... I grew up in Monrovia, California and they need had this awesome summer program where you got stars for all the books that you read.  And I was a maniac for getting stars or rocket ships or whatever it was that they were giving out for your poster.So I loved the summer reading program.I loved going to the library.  I loved the big tree outside  of the library... to climb. There's just an amazing selection of books that you can choose from. So you could just kind of wander through the shelves to look for something that catches... READ MORE