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I owe libraries so much. I started reading at libraries, of course when I was little I would get a huge garbage bag and take home an entire plastic bag full of books.And I also owe libraries for my newest novel because I wrote about the orphan trains and I wouldn't have known about that whole historical era if it hadn't been for...  I guess it five or six years ago I walked into my library and there was a huge display informing me about the orphan trains and it was such an interesting poster board triptich educational thing.  So I went home and read about it and it actually found... READ MORE
For me, libraries were where I got books. My mother was a big reader, but we were not rich and we rarely went to the bookstore, so every week without fail my mother went to the library, you know, we always got the maximum amount usually , back in those days it was up to eight to ten books you could check out even though I couldn't read all those in a week and I'd have to bring them back to renew. So it was always a source of reading material for me.For whatever reason the public library filled a gap that my schools weren't able to fill, I don't know why we didn't have libraries in my... READ MORE
I think I became a writer because I loved to read so much.As the child my mother always took me to thelibrary at least once a week and I checked out the maximum number of books. By that time I had finished reading every single book in the children's section of the library, I had to sneak into the adult section to find things I hadn't read.I actually got kicked out of the adult section a few times but it was innocent, I was just going for the travel books.I just fell in love with the travel section in the adult part of the library. So then I started reading all these travel memoirs and... READ MORE
You know when I walk into a library I recall the fact that books saved me... I had a troubled childhood. I can't put it any differently and yet the library was the place where I found my heroes, I found safety from the chaos of my world. I found inspiration and hope and and I found a world of people I could believe in and characters that seemed to believe in me.Libraries fostered my love of reading by perpetually feeding me new ideas, new information, new characters... creations of other people's imagination new worlds uh... and they still do that same thing. I shouldn't be talking in the... READ MORE
Oh wow.   I think  the library in my elementary school was probably the only place I felt comfortable other than the art room,  and I would toggle between those two spots.   Mrs. Walsh was my elementary school librarian and she just... she made school far more interesting for me than any standard teacher could, because she really just let me go and explore. So, that was my first and lasting   memory of libraries. And, when I was in college and studying I worked for GBH and I got to go into the Harvard stacks the library at Harvard, and it was... READ MORE
I always loved going to the library as a kid and collecting as many books as I could. And it could be any subject, that's what was great about the library was going there and getting a stack of books from all different subjects.I especially loved true stories, that also you know, blended into historical fiction. I loved that. "Mutiny on the Bounty," "The Great Train Robbery," books like that...they took a real historical event and turned it into a thriller. Those were the books that excited me the most, so it's always fun to go look see what I can find like that.And to this day, I love... READ MORE
We had a little public library in Cedar City, Utah, which is a very small where I'm from. And I was in the day of the card catalog and your old yellow library card, which was laminated, and every summer I got to choose two books every two weeks.My mom didn't want to bring me to the library more often than that. And so I chose very, very wisely. I loved choosing those books. They always knew what I would like. It only took a couple of visits before the librarian there knew what I would want to read.And there is a special little reading nook, and all the kids in town loved to read there. It was... READ MORE
Oh my gosh, I used to grow up in libraries. When I was a little kid, I pretty much sat in the library every afternoon after school, and I just have really great memories of sitting among the stacks in reading "Sweet Valley High" and "Red Wall" and Margaret Henry. Those were some of my favorites.It...they played such a big role because I was originally from China and they helped me learn how to read. and I didn't have to spent a lot of money on a lot of books as a kid. I didn't have a lot of spending money, so it was great to be able to sit in the a library and go through all of these amazing... READ MORE
Well libraries, for many of us, are really areas of safe haven, of refuge, of quiet. I know for the young adults we serve at Year Up, often library is the one safe space that they can go to, especially if their home lives might be rather noisy, or at times complicated.So we realize that libraries play an incredibly important role in many of our communities. I can remember growing up in Lowell, Massachusetts, going to the Lowell Public Library, walking through the stacks, checking out books, and interestingly, in all of my educational career, college and graduate school, I consistently... READ MORE
You know, we had...I grew up in a town outside New York City and we had this great library that had reading series that I would go to all the time and these great carrells in the back where you could sit and read books. And I remember every week my Mom would take me and I would get to pick two more books to read for that week.I just still remember that so fondly, because having access to so many books and being able to explore and pick and meet other people who really care about books.It was incredibly influential.Well, you know, I have a couple of librarians that I love and actually... READ MORE