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My favorite memories of libraries is when we first moved to America, I was a thirteen-year-old immigrant from the Philippines and that my dad took me to the public library for the first time, and we don't have public libraries in the Philippines, or if we do, there's almost very little books in them because, as my dad said, everything gets stolen, and so he was just so moved by the bounty in the library.He could not believe that Americans would let you borrow them and that we could have books for free.And it was just amazing to see how moved he was, and it really was this huge valuable thing... READ MORE
Every summer I would go and join the library reading program where you sign up and you have to kind of compete against other kids to see how many books you could read over the summer.I think I won five years in a row.And it was my favorite place because the my parents weren't readers. We had one book that my grandma left at our house and so I'd always go and get all my books at the library. And it was air conditioned, so I loved going there and now I take my kids to the summer reading program, too. And we do the craft programs and the singing programs, so it's been a strong part of my life.... READ MORE
I actually am a huge supporter of libraries. I'm on are several library boards. And I think part of that is that I remember the first day I walked into the Perrot Library in Old Greenwich, Connecticut.This was back in the day where just for breathing librarians would tell you to  be quiet.  And... it was marble and it smelled of paper and glue and I went into a corner and I just sat down on a little floor and I grabbed books off the shelf and I left where I was and I've never come back and I've never been the same. For my first novel, "Never Look Back," which was... at the end... READ MORE
I grew up going to library with my Mom and I actually would go to the school library at lunch everyday.And I'm a writer because of the librarian.I had an essay that the librarian encouraged me to turn inabout what my favorite genre books were. And that essay won the essay contest for the school in fifth grade, and after that I was always writing in the library.So I write in the library now and I wrote in the library even when I was a kid. I started off writing "Sweet Valley High" fan fiction. I wrote quite a few "Sweet Valley Highs," if you're looking at pick some more up, I have them.So I... READ MORE
I remember being in school and having to do research and, you know, having to study something, to write some kind of essay or report on it, and I would actually go to the library and it was just amazing to me how everything was alphabetically put. It, you know, is so cool, I think that's one of the reasons why I'm so organized, because I'd enjoyed and loved the idea of all the books being organized based on alphabetically.And so, I just remember going to library, into the back, you know, and reading a book and learning a lot about something that I never knew about and being able really tell... READ MORE
My goal, as soon as I was introduced to my public library was to read every single book they had about horses. I come from a relatively small town, so I was actually able to meet that goal.And then my mother took me to the city library in Rochester, New York, and walked into that building which was the size of a city block and I was completely enchanted. I wasn't overwhelmed, thinking, "Oh no, I'll never meet my goal," I thought, "This is fantastic You'll never ever ever get to the end of all the books there are to read." So it was great fun.It was a big deal to get a hardcover book as a gift... READ MORE
My memories are... back when I was a child, I used to go to the Whitney Public Library, which was right beside the fire hall where my dad was volunteer firefighter in Porcupine, Ontario, Canada.The memories are all around the Berenstain Bears. My sister and I were huge fans of the Berenstain Bears, and the librarian there was and elderly woman by the name of Mrs. Coolidge. And she just really... she was the one that really introduced us to reading.She knew that we were huge fans of the Berenstain Bears. Whenever a new book would come out, she would put it aside just for my sister and I. So we... READ MORE
Oh gosh, I love the library. Actually one of the first books I remember taking out... When I was a kid I would go to the adult section and they had these books called the "Writer's Market" which came out every year. I would go in the adult section and look at all the markets for writing, so it was my professional development... that I could get my hands on this book and see all these magazines that wanted articles and all these publishers and wanted books. And it was my inspiration for wanting to be a writer.I loved being surrounded by books. My great uncle was a publisher, so I was... READ MORE
Well I spent a lot of time in libraries as the child. I had wonderful public library in the small town and I grew up in and so I was often there. Once I read through all the books in my house, I was at the library. And I just loved being around books and around people who love books.I also worked in the library as a college student. I loved reshelving the books because it always took me to new section of the library, a place that I might not have otherwise gone.Well, I think I have to say all the librarians that I grew up with were my favorites. They were wonderfully helpful and I just... READ MORE
I think one of my favorite memories was when I was about in the fourth grade and for the first time I was allowed to going to the library on my own. My mother would drop me off and I was pretty much allowed stay there for about an hour.The books I loved the most, however, were young adult books that were in the bottom of the library in the basement, and to get to those books I had to go past the mystery section and the mystery section not only had the word mystery but also a skull and crossbones, and that terrified me, but I knew I had to get past that to get to the books I loved.So I would... READ MORE