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I actually have the kind of a different story. About when I hit fourth or fifth grade, I stopped reading. I fell out of it. It happens a lot to that boys, I hear, at about that age.I didn't get back into it until an teacher in the eighth grade hand me a novel and require me to read one of the novels she had read, that she knew about because I was dodging out of my book reports. I was sneaking around them, so she wanted to make sure that I was reading a book that she had read. So she made me pick one off her little rack, and it was a fantasy novel.I'm now fantasy novelist; I'd never read one... READ MORE
I used to go to the Donnell Library across the  street from the Museum of Modern Art when I was a child and my older sister was taking art classes, and it was a special time between me and my mother.And i just remember feeling like I'd fall into heaven.I couldn't believe that there were all those books there and it was one of the first libraries that had soft seats and stuffed animals and all that.You know, I was a kid who loved books and loved reading, and what was amazing about libraries is that you could get any book that you wanted. My parents bought us books, but it wasn't quite... READ MORE
I grew up in a little town called Muskogee, Oklahoma, and my parents were not poor, but they didn't have just tons and tons of money on to spend on books and I was a voracious reader, so I spent many, many afternoons when other kids were out running and swimming and I was hold up at the library, the Muskogee Public Library and I just loved it.I mean I just always felt like I was at home there and it was just all these worlds that were available to me. And librarians introduced me to of some of my favorite books.And of course my aunt was a librarian and she passed a few years back, but... READ MORE
My very favorite memory: When I was a kid every Friday after work my parents would take my brother and me to the library, and it was a Friday night... it was our Friday night outing. We did it every Friday night for years and years.Eventually, when I was about twelve, we actually moved across the street from the library, so I spent hours in the library has a kid.Librarians... they'd see me wandering the stacks in the children's section, and there was one librarian in a particular who would just kind of call me over and say, you know, give this one a try, give this one a try, so I always left... READ MORE
The library was an extremely special place to me when I was growing up.I grew up in San Francisco in the seventies and basically my dad was around, but  my mom was pretty much supporting in the family and functionally she was a single mother.We didn't have money, we've relied upon hand-me-down clothing, food stamps. So the whole idea of buying a book was completely foreign to me probably until college, when I had to buy books for school. So all my reading came from the library. I remember sitting it these very low, round tables at a library in the Richmond District, where I lived,... READ MORE
We didn't have a library that was really close by, so my school library, especially as a young child, was really important to me, and my earliest memory would probably be [as] the person who checked out "Where the Wild Things Are" over and over and over again, until the librarian told me I wasn't allowed to do it, because some other kids had to read the book.I would say that the library certainly fostered my love of reading, yeah. Absolutely. Without a library, all we had was the books at home, which were great, but I liked weirder books. So, my library had those, which was good.[Do you go... READ MORE
Well, I spent most of my eighth grade in the library escaping from Mrs. Hennessey's eighth grade class was sort of my favorite part of it.The school systems had the school libraries open one day a week during the summer, and so we were able to drag our radio flyer wagon from home to the school rebuild our week's supply of books. That was wonderful.When I got old enough to go to the by Copper Queen Library, Mrs. Howe, the librarian there, kept trying to keep me out of the adult section, because I had read all those other books. And she was very serious about... you could only check out two... READ MORE
I always loved libraries as a kid, My very first memories, of probably when I was about five, is going to Bedford Library in England.And all one summer I had to go and we had a kind of reading challenge we had to read six or eight books. I would be going back and forth, back and forth up these winding stairs into the library It was very exciting.  I got a little certificate with a stamp. I remember being being pretty pleased about it.Right from the beginning, libraries were there for me.[Do you still have the stamp?]Do you know, probably we do somewhere, because my parents never throw... READ MORE
For every stage in my life I can associate a library with it.From the time when I was little and my parents would take me every week to go to the library and we would fill up these huge canvas tote bags with library books, as many as I could fit in there, I could check in college, when I broke my leg and I stayed on campus all day instead of being able to go home and I would curl up in the great books room and that's where I first read "Gone with the Wind" and "Great Expectations," all these wonderful, wonderful books.My love of reading was absolutely fostered by libraries and... READ MORE
I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I'd go to the Carnegie Library in the Oakland area. And for me it was where I could go and just lose myself in a book, and sometimes find a sense of community that I wasn't really finding at school.So, in many ways I think that libraries saved my life. You know when we first moved to what's now my home, Nantuckett Island, twenty-five years ago, our kids were one and four and I was a  stay-at-home dad.  And I was new to the area, looking for things to do with the children.We stumbled upon  the Nantuckett Atheneum, which is a... READ MORE