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Well, the first memory I have of going to the library getting my library card, which was now, thirty-nine years ago.I got my very first library card. It was the first thing that I had with my name on it and meant I could take stuff from the library and I've had a library card ever since. I have one on me right now.[Which library is it?] The New York Public Library.It was both the library and my father who had tons of books in the house, but most of his books were on clinical chemistry and toxicology, so for me, I had to get my books from the library.I loved it. I loved going there.It was an... READ MORE
My earliest memory of a library is the elementary school library we had at my school in Hollywood, Florida, which was St. Mark's Lutheran School and it was called The Lion's Den, the Lions were our mascot of our school. In retrospect, looking back on it, it was probably about half the size of a classroom, but my memory of walking into it in  kindergarten was...I had never seen so many books in one place before.My parents had always fostered in me a great love of reading as I was growing up. So it was a place where I could find all of these books and read them over the course of my entire... READ MORE
My earliest library memory is probably growing up in Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, and there was this thing called "The Georgia Booklist," where librarians had chosen the twenty best books for Georgia youth. And you could get prizes for how many books you read on the list. And I would come in to the 100th Street Branchof the Atlanta Public Library faithfully as often as I could, because I wanted to read all the books on the list and, you know, earn the affection of my local librarian.At the library, you could have all the books you wanted, not just the books on the Weekly Reader list, or that... READ MORE
Well the Detroit Public Library was my home during the summer pretty much. I say summer because during the year, when I was going to grade school, I only went to school half days because my mother got me off to play piano.In summer I could not only play for hours a day, but I had time to read as well. I started with "Beau Geste" by Percival  Christopher Wren. I read all of P. G. Wodehouse, these were light books, in effect. I read all of Leslie Charteris' "The Saint," adventure books, basically or humor. I would be one or two a day, get through them in a summer.So those are among my... READ MORE
My favorite memories of libraries are Saturdays with my mom, who was a schoolteacher, going into that library and first of all getting my first library card, and signing my name and feeling like I was official, I have my library card, and that was like a golden ticket to me.I live in Brooklyn, New York, and we go to the library quite frequently, and it's the one time that we're all together and we can go to a place where everybody gets what they want. My kids go the children's room, my husband I go to the non-fiction room, and we all leave there...It's better than shopping,  we all leave... READ MORE
Libraries are sanctuaries, and they're places to escape to and they're places that enable you to escape anywhere you live.So libraries are a miracle, in a sense. There are a million doors, they're all unlocked and you can walk through any one of them.My love of reading fostered in large part by my parents' reading to me. And I know that that's what libraries do for thousands upon thousands of kids whose parents don't read to them. You can have a love of reading instilled in a place like a library.My parents used to take me to it. It was adjunct to their absolute worship of books and our house... READ MORE
Well, the first library I encountered was this rural library out in the country in Louisiana, and it was kind of almost hysterically picturesque in that it was a log cabin and it had a wood floor and no air conditioning.I'm not even sure it had electricity, come to think of it. It was right up against a bayou, there were alligators that we had to be wary of. And that's where I first saw "Where the Wild Things Are," and it changed my life.When we travel we've gone to a number of libraries, in like Paris biblioteca whatever, things like that.Went to a library in Prague, about a month ago, that... READ MORE
[On memories of libraries]The library branch in Silver Spring, Maryland, where I grew up. I remember being left alone in library by my parents, usually my mother, who would go off to the adult section and leave me in the kids section.And I can remember staggering from shelf shelf and pulling stuff down. She would find me at the end of the two or three hour period just buried in books, having read 20 or 30 in a row, obviously children's books, not Dostoevsky or anything. But I just remember being lost back in the stacks and loving the feeling of being lost.I also remember the bookmobile. We... READ MORE
My earliest memory is one of my favorite memories. We had just moved to Baltimore, and there was a branch library nears us, the Glen Falls, or it might have been called the Glen Oak Library and it had the best children's room. It was the coziest place on a dark rainy day. It even had a fireplace, in my memory and a window seat, and it was just the exactly right size for a kid. And so I have very fond memories of going to that and the other branch near our house, the Edmondson.Libraries are huge, my mother is a children's librarian who worked at the Baltimore City School System for many years... READ MORE
I absolutely adore libraries. I've got a very personal relationship with libraries, because when I was ten my family moved from Whales in the U.K. to Australia and I was terrified and I didn't fit in anywhere where I lived in Australia.And I was the the little short Welsh kid that just didn't fit in. So I used to find the only place I could where I could be quiet and calm which was my school library.My librarian who was lovely, who was American, actually, called Mrs. Adamson, took pity on me and took me under her wings. "OK Lucy, if you're in the library, that's brilliant, but while you're... READ MORE