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When I was very young my mother took me to the bookmobile and that was the very first instance I had where there were free books, a whole, almost, bus full of free books.And from there I went to the Carnegie Library in Oakland, the main branch, where I go to now. I live in Pittsburgh. I moved back.I was there this week, in fact, I've got some books which I took out Christy Hodges, Oh, Edgar Couret, one of my favorites and which I just finished today on the plane Gilbert Sorentino, "The Abyss of Human Illusion," a book I wouldn't have found without the library.I bring my children to the... READ MORE
The New Britain Public Library was my childhood library. And every Saturday morning my mother would take us there and we'd spend hours getting lost.One of my favorite memories of going to the library is getting my library card, and the goal was to be able to print my name.As soon as I found out that that was the secret trick to being able to take out library books, I practiced and practiced, and finally, Mrs. Virginia Smith stood at the desk and gave the form, and I printed my name, and the last letter of Rice, the last "E" dangled off the end of the line, but I got my library card anyway.... READ MORE
I've used libraries in Michigan and Ohio. I use the Geaga County Public Library in Chardon, Ohio.I worked as a page there when I was sixteen years old. I used to go upstairs to the town hall, that's where it was, and all of the back issues of newspapers and magazines were kept in the attic, and as a page, it was my designated job to go crawling through the dust in the attic to get the back issues.I would go to the library and get as many books as I wanted. For me, the smell of the books, and the kindness of the librarians, and what I saw as their incredible generosity, to let me take half a... READ MORE
I would have to say my favorite librarians my sister-in-law. My wife's sister is the head of the Children's Libraries in Toronto, Canada. Theo Harris, she's also a very gifted singer/songwriter.Even now with the Internet, I don't think I could write what I try to write... I really rely upon reference materials library. No, things...frankly, I'm sorry, the Internet can't do it all. You actually actually need to go pick a hard book off the shelf and sit down and look at photographs and read what's underneath them sometimes.[On budget cuts] I think it's actually... budget cuts for libraries is... READ MORE
I think the library is an incredible resource for for my writing, and I think that when I do research, I still like to do research with actual books more than the Internet. And so I will go to New York Public, especially, such an amazing library. because really any kind of research information you want to do is at your fingertips.[On budget cuts]Well I think that as far as library budgets, I mean, again, I go back to being a teenager, because most of my books are for teenagers and I hear from teenagers all the time, and they find my books, and the books they edit through librarians, primarily... READ MORE
I went to the Atlanta Public Library in Fulton County and sat on the bean bag chair surrounded by books as if I were in a candy store, and learning about Agatha Christie, Lois Duncan and Steven King, and having my friends show me,"You've got to see this," and running me over to different shelves.And also being without my parents, feeling like I could be in the library and be independent and I could choose what to read. Obviously, that's something that I still believe in very strongly, that we should be able to choose what we read, and kids should as well.[On budget cuts] If libraries lose... READ MORE
Well I grew up in a family that was not a family of readers, particularly, and it was my library that really got me interested in books.I vividly remember going to my local library when I was child during the summer reading program and loving to read the books and collect the little stamps or whatever the project was that summer, and feeling as if that was a real haven for me.My school library was also a really important place and my school librarian really, she hand-picked books that would really match the students needs.My mother died when I was young and she knew just which books to give... READ MORE
I was born in 1941, on Pearl Harbor Day. So in the early fifties you could not, as a black person, go into a public library really.But my mother was a librarian all of her and so she had an enormous number of books at home. And my grandmother was a maid in white ladies' kitchens.They would throw books out and she would bring them home and repair them for us. So we always had an abundance of books and my grandmother would read to me.And during the Central High crisis, when we were closed out of school and I couldn't go there, I was into civil rights and they didn't necessarily want me to come... READ MORE
Well, we lived all over Kansas City, Missouri and libraries were absolutely at the center of my existence. So I visited every neighborhood library in the Kansas City Public Library System.You know, I think most pleasurable part about going to library as a boy was wandering through the stacks discovering books by just looking at their titles, their spines, and just pulling one out. I remember the day, I was probably ten years old when I came across "Jesus as a Businessman" I remember thinking, even at that age, now there is a curious idea. What is this book about?Because of the kind of... READ MORE
Tustin Library was my place as a kid.The summer reading programs were big. I was easily bribed, if you read something like, I don't know, 10 or 20 books that summer you would get some sort of toy or gadget or something.So I would always read so that I could score something. But then the stories start to get into your blood and pretty soon, you find yourself reading just for the pleasure of reading itself.I bring my son to the library. I live in Fallbrook, California and our swank, brand new, beautiful, awesome library is just about to open.I've never been inside it but the roof is made of... READ MORE