Brenda from Baltimore, Maryland

On February 1, 2006, I suddenly became one of the unemployed.  I went through terrible feelings of low self-esteem and worthlessness, realized I had never written a resume or cover letter, and had no computer.  I felt lost. 

I decided to check out my library for resume writing books.  What I found was that my library had scheduled classes on “The Internet”, “Computer Know How”, and “Resume Writing”, all within 3 weeks of the day I was there!  I signed up for all three!  The classes were very informative and helped improve my morale.

While signing up for the classes, the librarian told me that both resumes and cover letters could be accessed on-line, saved, and transferred to a disc to retain them.  She had to show me how, and give me a disc, since I did not own a computer.  She taught me how to sign in and get on line for the resumes and cover letters, and helped me navigate the template used for them.  Then she told me about all the books that were available for me on job searches, skills improvement, resume writing, etc. and helped me find them.

After attending the classes, I was at the library almost daily to polish my cover letter and resume, and to surf the internet for job openings.  I printed out letters and resumes to mail or send by fax.  The librarian helped me set up an e-mail account so I could send resumes over the net.  All this was free!  The librarians and the classes offered saved me from the depths of job-hunting despair.

It is May 5, 2006, and I am still unemployed and job hunting.  However, I now have my own computer and printer and a lot of skill learned from the library.  I used library computers and other resources for skill improvement, job searches, resume writing, and printing.   They have boosted my self-esteem and morale.  I have the librarians and assistants at my library to thank for getting me confidently started on th job-hunting trail.