Brittany from Austin, Texas

My library in north Austin has been an additional friend in my new life within a big city. I have always been a bookworm, and libraries throughout my school life and personal life were there as a second home that inspired my habit of discovering more about the world around me, and the wonders that exist in the state of Texas.

Libraries have also been the inspiration for my academic journey to becoming a professional librarian as well. I was working as a student worker at Blinn's Community College library when the choice of making a career out of working with people and places of learning officially "clicked" for me, and I have had an  interesting experience since then.

I am now successfully a post-graduate with a Master's degree in Library Science, and I have had a great time getting to know my community while visiting the Spicewood Springs Library. It has been a major rest spot for my days of job searching & interviews, as well as a place for inspiring creativity within the books and club activities that take place every month.

I am grateful to the good people that keep this library alive, and I look forward to how it can change the people of Austin for  the better.