Cindy from Omaha, Nebraska

The library has had a profound effect on my life.  The year was 1983 and my husband and I had experienced the tragedy of losing two baby boys, who were born one year apart, due to extreme prematurely.  We were devastated with our losses and a third pregnancy was no longer an option for me, due to serious medical complications.  The social worker assigned to us, during our second baby’s stay in NICU for 69 days, was very pessimistic about adoption.  There were fewer babies available for adoption because of abortion and many teenage unwed mothers were keeping their babies.

After the death of our second son on Mother’s Day, 1983, we returned home to an empty nursery once again.  We discussed options that were available to us for starting a family.  I had quit my job and found the house very quiet and lonesome when my husband returned to his engineering job.  This is where the library played a crucial role in my life.  Everyday for a month I went to the library with a spiral notebook and pen in hand where my mission was to research how to adopt a baby.  I looked through magazine articles, newspapers and books to find any information available on the subject of adoption.  I distinctly remember finding an article in “Parents Magazine” profiling four different families who had been successful with adoption and the method they used to fulfill their dream of bringing a baby home.  One family mentioned they had written a resume with all the pertinent information that a birthmother would be interested in knowing about them.  This avenue was definitely one that we could pursue!

I started compiling information that would be informative on our resume and set up the format for the print shop where we would have 100 copies printed.  This resume included everything that the baby’s mom would want to know about us.  It also included a picture of us to help personalize the information.  We gave these resumes to family and friends to pass on to someone they personally knew that would have any connection with a baby available for adoption.  Once the resumes were distributed, the waiting began to see if our campaign would be successful. Six and a half months later we received a phone call from an obstetrician that would forever change our lives!!!  He asked if we were still interested in adopting a baby.  The answer was a resounding “YES!”  Five days later we brought home a beautiful, healthy baby boy to anxious grandparents, aunts, friends and neighbors.  This baby boy was the love of our life.  We were just adapting to the role of being parents when we once again received a phone call from a lawyer asking if we knew someone that would like to adopt a baby girl.  I offered to give him names and phone numbers of others that had inquired about our adoption process and how we were able to do so in such a short period of time.  My intent was to gather the information and return his phone call. However, my husband had other ideas. He returned the phone call and told the lawyer that we would take the baby girl!!  I had just become the mother of one baby. How would I handle two babies just a few months apart in age?  It was a challenging but very rewarding time.  What a difference a year makes.  On Mother’s Day 1984 we had the great joy of baptizing not one but two beautiful children!!   During that same year we were offered six other babies that were available for adoption. We decided the baby boy and baby girl we were blessed with would complete our family and allow other couples to experience the joy of becoming parents.

Today our babies are now young adults, attending college and making us very proud.  We are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to adopt these two great kids!  Thanks to the library in our small town we were able to realize our dream of adopting children to be a part of our family.