Clydia from Ruston, Louisiana

Has the Library made a significant difference in my life?
The library HAS BEEN my life!

During elementary school days, my parents worked long
hours at difficult, low paying jobs, leaving me--an only child--on my own. My time was spent at the library, reading all the books on the shelves.  I can still recall sitting on that wood floor, curled up in a corner, reading.   Grace Livingston Hill books were my favorite. The author's heroine became my role model, and her values, my values. So my character was partially molded by book people.

Throughout my school days, trips to the library continued.
Because of my constant reading, my vocabulary was superior. My test scores were high, even though school did
not interest me.  But I read all the time.

Able to attend a near-by college with scholarship aid, I
had no funds for entertainment. The college library became my entertainment. I read complete shelves of fiction authors. Erle Stanley Gardner was my favorite. Even today I won't miss   a re-run of Perry Mason shows.

Later, after marriage, my husband and I moved frequently.
Our next stop, after finding a place to live, was the public
library. We loved reading the magazines and vast number of newspapers.

Our children were enrolled in the summer reading programs at the library, as soon as they were old enough
to be included. While they were reading their books, I
was finding books to enhance my parenting skills. The
library was a tool that I, as a parent, wouldn't want to be

Since the children are grown and gone, I have been free to volunteer at the public library. For several years FRIENDS of the LIBRARY was my primary activity. During my active days , we passed several bond issues. The library was moved to a bigger and better location. We still get compliments on the library relocation project.

I am the person I am, because there was a public library
in my town. I know its importance in building lives. I am a
prime example of a life made so much useful  because I
had opportunities to use public libraries.

How has the library changed my life? It made me a better
person, because of what I learned from the books I read at
the library. It offered me a place to enjoy books and be with others who knew the importance of reading. Books at the library gave me good role models . The library gave me unlimited time and opportunities to explore all  my