Corrine from Shawnee Kansas

I can remember as a child, and then as an adult, that my mother always carried a book with her.  In the car, in her purse, at her side, always, a book.  That book was always from the library.  Summers were carefree play time, swimming, games, friends but always in the afternoon there was reading time.  Just time to sit, be calm, and indulge in the friends you found in a book.

Once a week, the book-mobile came to our street. My brothers, sisters and I would be so excited to know that it was book-mobile day.  We would proudly fill out the names of all the books that we had read for the library ladies and then check out more.  As we grew up, the book-mobile was no more but every week my mother would take all 7 of us to the local branch of our county library.  That library card was my proud possession!

Reading is still  something I treasure above all other possible pasttimes. The people at my local branch know me by name.  At least once a week I am in there searching the computer card catalog for new authors.  I read the library publication magazines so that I know when my favorite authors have new books coming out.  If I want to know anything about a subject, a vacation spot, an historical event- off to the library I go.  Their are books, videos and now, internet connections to get me all the information I could ever need.

The library has provided me access to knowledge that I would never have had access to.  With this knowledge, I was a better student (spelling, writing, especially) and I would like to think, better all around because I have a base;  to converse more intelligently, to form better educated opinions.  Now I am the mom with a book by her side, in her car, in her purse.  I have taken my children to the libary weekly since they were born.  Now their children are being born, and I see them, my adult children, with books by their side, in their homes, and in their hands with a child listening in.  All of this could not have been, without the library.