The Curran Family from Illinois

The library is one of the greatest assets that a community can provide for families.   Where else can you go and find rows and rows of books, access to computers, DVDs, music, games for kids, and activities and programming designed to educate and entertain?!   And, the best part of all of this is that it is free!   Before my children were school-aged, I treated the library as their school.   We would go once a week for storytime and to check out a new stack of books.   Reading has always been a key part of my husband’s and my interaction with our kids, but when you read to 3-5 children’s books to your kids every night before bed, you go through a lot of books.   Thanks to the library, we were able to keep the reading fresh and interesting.   

Nowadays, our trips to the library are equal parts education and entertainment.   My children flock to the computers in the children’s library to play games.   They use the library’s menagerie of puppets to put on shows.   They play games and pick out movies to take home.  And, of course, we are still taking home books.  Whenever my children have a new interest, whether it be butterflies or volcanoes or Star Wars, we know we can go to the library and find a multitude of books on that subject to feed their curiosity.  

As adults, we reap some of the same benefits from the library that the kids enjoy.   I use the library to borrow books that support my interests and to borrow movies, including older or less popular movies that the rental boxes at the grocery stores don’t carry.  The library’s free Wi-Fi connections has also given me a quiet place to work.