Deborah from Hubbard, Ohio

I have been going to my local library since I  was in school. (32 1/2 yrs ago) And I am still going. 

What changed my life were when they installed computers.  Not able to afford one of my own, I  went to school & I learned how to run a computer, then at the  library I took a few of their classes, Basic Email, Advanced Email, How to Surf  the Web.  I signed up for a free Yahoo Account and my life has never been  the same!  I enjoy sending & receiving emails - I try to be creative  using icons and different fonts & stuff.   I send cards on the holidays,  birthdays, anniversaries, etc., and people seem to like it.  I am having  the time of my life! I can go on the web & look at anything I want  to, & I have learned many new things.  You  are never too old or too young to learn! 

On  my 50th birthday last  year I bought my own computer, but I still go to the library to use theirs on occassion.  They have access to  sites I cannot get at home.  I have made friends, and helped others with  the knowledge I have gained from the library classes I attended.  And if I  see a certain book that I would like to read, they either have it or they can  get it for you from another library.  I like reading Biographies, Self-Help  books, Geneology resources, free video rentals, and the fact I have someplace to  go & it's free!  You can read all the magazines  out there and the local newspapers. 

The staff are very helpful, they helped me learn to cut  & paste in an email, and help me when I get stuck with something I do not know.  They  get me books from other libraries and sometimes they go beyond the call of duty  - one lady whose mother had an illness I was diagnosed with helped me get the books I needed  so I would be more knowledgeable in the subject & help me ask the doctors  questions. 

To me, the library is almost like home. They treat you nicely and are more than willing  to help you.  Which is more than I can say at home.  I am always reading books of  some kind.  And if I like them, I go to and see if I can get a  bargain on a used book & then get it for my own collection. Having free DVD's  to watch and Cd's to rent are a plus - I like being able to see something or hear it before I buy it for  myself.  Anyone who does not take advantage of this service doesn't know  what they are missing!  It's like another world!

Some one even cuts out the Sunday paper's  coupons and we have a box to go through & see if there are any we like - free to  take!  I have learned so much from my
library that I cannot almost put it into words!  Go and  see what they have!  Sign up for a class! Get to read the latest books and rent a computer  - it's all free!

If I didn't go to the classes I probably  wouldn't know half the stuff I do know!  It's an every-time-you-go opportunity!   I also support them by  contributing to their book sales.  You can really save if you look long enough!

There is always something going on and I am  never bored!  Without this library I would still not know how to send email, or have a free  account with Yahoo!  This
has changed my life completely!   I simply cannot  say enough!
Thank you!