Diana Beattie from Tucson, Arizona

I am recent Hurricane Katrina survivor now living in Tucson,Az.The library here has helped me communicate with getting my life together.I am displaced  writer/poet from New Orleans.I was rescued from the storm and put on a flight to this community Sept.9,2005.The library here is in the downtown area and was within walking distance of the shelter provided by this city.The people would go  out of their way in the library to give me resources and help.The city is full  of caring people andthey helped me with the things I needed.The library has lots  of computers and helped me with the help I needed.I have always loved the  library no matter where I have lived.
I write childrens poetry and I get my literary markets from the magazines  in the library.When I was in New Orleans,La. I read to the pre-school age  children at their public library.I am published online and in Canada,Germany,Sweden and Switzerland.I am doing fine here in Tucson and  continue to go to the library for reading.I will retire here,it is clean and the  weather is ideal for whatever your lifestyle.I am proud to be a citizen of  Tucson,the community has supported the Katrina survivors and made us feel at  home.The libray here is real nice and has several branches all over town.I take  the bus to the downtown branch,they have videos and all types of the latest  books to read.I have always been an avid reader.The one thing I like about this  library is the
courtyard and lovely setting in the downtown area.
I came to Tucson with just the clothes on my body,these people have helped  with groceries and clothes and emotional support.I am glad to be alive.I feel as  though every child and adult should use their public library for educational and  community resources.I was a nurse for thirty years and used the library for my  nursing education and continued to learn more about my profession.I was a nurse  in the U.S.Navy and traveled the world.I have a 12 year old cat named  "George",he is also a Katrina survivor.
Please read my website if you have time,it contains writers portfolios of different authors.My pen name is "Darby Diana".www.asouthernjournal.com