Diana from Kent, Ohio

I am a 54-year-old single mother.  I spent ten years attending college,first at the University of Akron, and then Kent State University, and I graduated from KSU in Spring of 2004.  I got a late start at school, because I did not begin until I had nearly raised my five children, because I was raising them alone and could not leave them alone.  My youngest daughter,  Lisa, was in elementary school when I started going to school, and she is graduating Summa Cum Laude this year with a degree in education.

My oldest daughter, Erica, who also attended the University of Akron and Kent State University, observed that I was going through my 20's in my 50's because I was living in an apartment, dating, and going to college, but going to college when I did gave me a common subject to discuss with my
children who were also attending college; Erica, Lisa, and anotherdaughter, Rhonda, who graduated from Ohio State University. 

I vividly remember one afternoon when I had a lot of reading to do for class. I tried to study at home, but the TV was too tempting.  I tried to study at Border's, but it was too noisy and distracting, so I packed up my things and headed for the library.  I went to the back of the library where I knew there were quiet study tables.  I was happy to see Lisa was already there,doing her homework.  We spent Sunday afternoon together there, not speaking, but feeling really close to each other as we did our homework together at the library.  I will never forget how good that felt.  Now I am planning both a graduation party and a wedding for my youngest, and facing
an empty nest makes me treasure those times we were together, including studying at the library.