Gail from Newark, Delaware

As I look back on my life, the library surfaces to the top of my thoughts during four phases. My first memories are that of my childhood, and both the school library and the community library played roles in shaping my learning 
experiences and education. I was an avid reader, and it was not unusual for me to devour a Nancy Drew mystery book in a single day. My treasured volumes are  still on my bookshelf today, and the nostalgia of just holding them brings me great pleasure. My own books had to be supplemented with the library collection,  and it was an invaluable source for all those book reports assigned by my teachers.

The second memory of the library was at the University of Delaware  campus. It was a struggle for my middle class family to have me attend college.  My spending money was provided by working at that library, and many hours were also spent in the pursuit of my degree. I have fond memories of those library  card files and late nights studying at the tables for midterms or finals. The library helped me reach my dream goal of becoming a Home Economics teacher.

Moving on to my third library experience, I was now married and the  mother of two teenagers. I volunteered some time at the middle school library  and enjoyed seeing the students in the halls and on the way to classes. It was  my job to place the volumes back on the correct shelf, and I would daydream as I  put away each book. Some books would feature cooking, or flowers and gardening,  and my sense of creativity would be satisfied as I provided this essential task  at the school.

It is ironic to me that my fourth  library is in Newark, Delaware. After raising my children in Lancaster, Pa for  over 20 years, a remarriage brought me back to my home state  of Delaware.  My new home is within walking
distance of a wonderful, newly remodeled  library!!  My husband and I enjoy the convenience of renting movies at no  charge, purchasing used books at very reasonable prices, and sitting in the  wonderful magazine room to just relax and unwind. In a few weeks I will be  attending a class at that library. The topic of the class is how to control our  clutter and prevent excess spending. I am looking forward to the class, but my  Nancy Drew books have to stay!!!!!

When I look back at my life I am grateful for  all the libraries that have wrapped me in warmth and knowledge. I hope my future  contains many more adventures in these " book buildings".