Gaylia from Wright City, Oklahoma

I have always loved the library. When I was in school and it was library day, it was like going to a circus, or any fun event that was full of adventure. When I got older I loved reading, it was amazing how entertaining a book could be. It can take you on an adventure you would never or could never experience in the real world. I was often selected to read to my younger cousins because I think I might have read the story as if I was really there.

As I got older in my teens and got to go to the library when ever I wanted, I guess I must have spent a lot of time there because my Junior year I was selected for the elementary Librarian, and I didn’t even apply for the position. I did accept it though, and I loved it. I never sat and read my own library book, which most of the time was a mystery, because I was so excited about all the wonderful books surrounding me. Some brought back fond childhood memories, others made me wish I were a child once again. Yes I did take time to read those children books, and when a child would come and ask for a good book I knew exactly the one they would enjoy.

When I became a mother I started reading to my son as soon as he was about three weeks old and continued until he was able to read, and then I would sit and listened to him read. When he was five I had his baby sister, and we would take turns reading her stories. By the time she was able to read on her own, my son was reading his own adventures to himself. Now I have two grandchildren four, and two, and we enjoy reading stories together also.

Just last year I decided I would like to get into writing, and even though I haven’t had much published my strongest desire is to become a children’s book author. I have already completed one book, which I wrote and illustrated, and now awaiting to see if the publisher will accept it. I have several more books written, but the illustrations are not finished. I’ve written a short story “Giant Flogging Monster” which will be out in a book “Cup of Comfort for Grandparents” by Adams Media publishing company this fall. It a humorous story about having to come face to face with my phobia of feathers, and protecting my grandson from a rooster.

The library is still one of my favorite places to go. Yes I still read for adventure, but I also do a lot of research on different subjects. The library has saved me tons of money by not having to buy the books I wanted to read, or needed to read for research. Today you don’t have to have a passion for reading to enjoy your local library. They have movies to watch free of charge, audio- cassettes of books to listen to. They have computers for individuals who can’t afford a computer or have access to the Internet. At the local libraries in my area they have an area set up for genealogy research, often they have several volunteers there to help get you started or answer a specific question to do with genealogy. So my advice is go and enjoy your local library, take your children or grandchildren because there is something there for everyone.

To sum this all up I guess the Library has changed my life by making me more knowledgeable about things I would never had the opportunity to learn about otherwise. My passion for reading had encouraged me to become a writer, to have my name printed as the author on a wonderful book that will hopefully be read over and over.