Geraldine from The Woodlands, Texas

Yesterday,in the H.E.B. grocery store, I reached for a can of cannellini beans. It's the first time they ever appeared on my grocery list, but I'm changing my eating habits so I can be healthier. And, thanks to my library, changing my dietary habits is easier.

I've currently checked out "The Road to a Healthy Heart runs through the kitchen," na new book out by Joe Piscatella. The Three-Bean Soup recipe in his book is what I'll be using the cannellini beans for. This book, and other excellent books I've found at the library such as "Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal," by Reader's Digest, are helping me to lower my cholesterol and blood pressure and look and feel more vibrant and well every day.  I'm eighty-one years of age with two daughters who teach school. I know they're far too busy to care for an invalid mother so it's extremely important to me to stay as healthy as possible. It isn't that I wish to live to be one-hundred, but while I'm alive I'd like to be self-sufficient, contributing, and healthy. I'm so glad I can get these current and wonderful books at the library. 

My daughter put a computer in my apartment, and the computer training I received at the library has given me reason to celebrate. I can E-Mail my daughter in California, my niece in Michigan, and my nephew in the marines. The presentation at the library on "Introduction to E-Mail and E-Mail Etiquette" was excellent. The library's recommendations led me to establish a new E-Mail account. The etiquette basics I learned kept me from forwarding a chain letter I received. Thirty-one other etiquette tips I received, and they were on print-outs I could take home and refer to.

One important point I learned was not to reply to Spam. Learning the E-Mail and E-Mail Etiquette and "Introduction to the Web" the library offered has made this computer so enjoyable for me.  I'm so grateful. 

The library has changed my budget habits for the better. "The Road to a Healthy Heart runs through the Kitchenk" would have cost me $24.95 at a book store. Learning PC basics at my local college would have cost me $55.Learning to use the internet would have cost another $55. If I spent that kind of money, I'd have to charge debt on my credit card. I live on a fixed income. Suze Orman would be proud of me for saving so much money by going to my library for books and training. 

I appreciate the library's concern for senior citizens of the community. I recently attended a presentation put on by the library called "Scambusters for Savy Seniors. As a result, I've changed many bad habits. No longer do I throw open the door to anyone that knocks.  I look out the peephole of the door first. If I don't know the person I don't open the door. I learned never to give my Social Security number to anyone, and, on advice, I removed my Social Security card from my billfold. No one needs to know my number except the Internal Revenue Service.

I now firmly say "no" to telephone solicitors, and I never call area codes 809,  284,and 876. I was told to never accept a collect call from the jail. Since I went to this presentation I feel so much wiser and safer. 

The books and tapes in the library have helped me grow spiritually, also. One book I especially liked was "There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem," by Dr. Wayne Dyer. He was on a television program explaining things from his book. I'm so glad the library obtained his book. I feel very inspired because of it.  The librarians have always been so friendly and helpful that I look forward to visiting the library at least once a week. They gladly help me locate books, help me when I'm stuck on the computer, look up old newspapers for me when I request them. It's really an enjoyable time I spend at the library. 

The library has given me so many solutions to my problems. It has helped me change for the better physically, financially, and spiritually. Thank you.