Glynis from Yuba City, California

I cannot begin to tell how the library has changed my life.  From the  time I checked out my first Curious George book as a child, I knew my life would  be forever changed.  The library was not just a big quiet building filled  with books, but a wealth of adventure, knowledge, mystery, excitement &  intrique.  I remember when I graduated from Curious George to "The Secret  Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett and in my teen years reading books about  far away places, the angst all adolescents suffer, and steamy romance novels  that piqued my curiosity about what I thought love was about. 
Every teacher I ever had encouraged me to read and write.  "Knowledge  is power," they said and if you do not read and learn, you will never have "the  power."  I read historical novels in high school to further understand what  our
country was founded upon, as well as keeping me interested in a particular  subject I thought was dry and uninterested.  As I read over novels about  Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and other historical  figures, I decided maybe history wasn't such a dull thing.  Had it not been  the courage and determination of leaders of the past, maybe I wouldn't be  enjoying the freedom I so much took for granted.
I also enjoyed reading over cookbooks in the library.  I had a knack  for cooking, thanks to my mom and my Danish heritage and in that great  building filled with so much information,  I could find all kinds of  books on cooking and
recipes I'd never seen.   I was delighted when I  tried a new recipe and my family raved about it. 
When I felt sad or alone, the library was a great refuge for quiet, reading and contemplation.  It was amazing how a witty novel could bring great joy  to my life in a matter of a chapter or so.    As I looked around the  library
and caught the winks and smiles of those within it walls, I knew  they understood how I was feeling and I was at a good place not only  geographically, but spiritually.
Even though I am grown up, the library will always have a special place in  my heart.   I cannot thank my parents and teachers for taking me to  such a wonderful place and opening up a whole new world for  me.    Even with modern technology, you'll see me with a book in  my hand enjoying the "power" it possesses.