Kelly from Alvin, Texas

 When I was a child, my mother took us to the library every two weeks.  It was the high point of the week for me.  In the summer, we could check out the limit, then go back in two weeks and do it again.  It was such a thrill to hold a stack of books so tall that I could barely see over it!  I loved watching the books as they were swept over the light, and getting the warm print-out when they were all checked out.  The librarian knew us well, and one summer she gave us two beautiful yellow birds.

When I had children, they went with me as babies, and have never known a time without the library in their lives.  It was a really big deal when they were old enough to write their names and could get their very own library cards.  When my daughter and I go on "Girls' Night Out", the library is always on our list of stops.

We love to visit with the librarians and clerks, and we recognize their voices when we have to call for any reason.  They recognize us too.  We like to take them cookies and goodies from time to time, because we appreciate them so much.

We always have library books at our house.  The only two times in the past fifteen years or more that we have not had any was when we were moving, and when had to evacuate for a hurricane and we turned everything in all at once before we left town.

We almost always have a family read-aloud going on, and more often than not it is from a library book.  We also use the library to check out DVDs.  Once a month we have a special movie matinee, and print tickets and a poster to put on the wall. Sometimes we buy the DVD, and other times we check it out from the library.

We also love audiobooks.  We listen as a family in the house, in the van, individually . . .  And we love the library's old books sales!  We always end up coming home with boxes of books.  A couple of years ago we came home with an entire set of World Book Encyclopedias, for only $1 a volume!  ($22 for the entire set!)

Sometimes we enjoy a library book so much that we buy our own copy.  We have even enjoyed audiobooks so much that we have bought copies of them as well.  The library is just a part of our everyday lives.  What a blessing it is!

Our library system allows us to access any book in the entire county, and we can have it sent to the location of our choice for pick-up.  The computer catalogue is very well done, and it is easy to search for our next adventure.

We cannot imagine life without the library.  We turn to it like modern teens turn to the mall.  We love to walk among the shelves and browse the books that are there.  We like to go to different branches in our county system for a fun outing.  We like to just go to the library, pick up a book and sit down and read for a bit.  It's always fun to walk in and see what grabs our attention
 and decides to come home with us and visit for a while.