Ken from Karthage,North Carolina

When I was about six I discovered the fun and excitement of reading.  I devoured the books in the school library and jumped with joy at the prospects of having the Library Bus come right into my neighborhood in the summertime.

On Tuesday mornings the eagerly awaited bus would stop with its squealing brakes and honking horn at the grocery store a few blocks from my home.  My sisters and I would be waiting with our books we had finished from the week before.  A scramble up the steps beneath the welcoming smile of the "Book Lady," and we were in a magic realm.  We scoured the shelves for our treasures, and if we couldn't find what we wanted, we told the Lady and she would make sure they would be there the next week.

This was the beginning of a long love affair with the Library and what it could do for me.  I haunted the local libraries for pleasure and research, finding the Hardy boys, Stephen King, Shakespeare, Whitman, and those tidbits for writing those many papers for assignments in school and college.  I carried this passion for the Library for thirty years into my classrooms full of students who learned the worth of reading and library haunting.  I urged my students to think of the Library as "The Treasure House of All Knowledge."

Now that I have retired from teaching, I find more time for haunting the local library.  With my granddaughter in tow, I can still be seen heading for that Treasure House.