Kimberly from Loveland, Colorado

When our family moved to Colorado, one of my top priorities was finding the library.  We started attending story time right away, and it wasn’t long before we made lots of new friends.  From these new friends, we learned about swimming lessons and the local recreation center.  My daughters were thrilled to discover the summer reading program where they earned prizes each week for reading books.  They developed a deep love for books and reading!

Today, my three daughters and I continue going to the library each week to look for exciting books, to research science fair projects, to use the internet, to meet friends, or just to read and relax.   My daughter Emily describes her trips to the library as a treasure hunt.  To her, each and every book is a rich adventure that she savors.  I attribute her love of reading in large part to our terrific library!

So, how has the library changed my life?  It has connected me to my community, given me hobbies to enrich my life, given my children a passion for reading and literature which has helped them excel at school, and given us a deep and meaningful connection as a family that doesn’t revolve around a television or video game, and it doesn’t cost us anything!