Archived Webinar: Geo-Authentication – Amplifying Community Engagement

More and more, libraries are seeking to engage their local community of readers, authors, writers, artists, musicians and others. However, traditional means of granting access to library resources hinder the library’s level of success in this endeavor. Requiring library cards for remote access and forcing patrons to adhere to eBook circulation constraints creates unnecessary friction. Libraries are succeeding in Community Engagement by making use of Geolocation technology—providing access to resources based on users’ physical location—and committing to using content with unlimited simultaneous use licenses—removing holds, checkouts and waitlists.

Projects like the Commonwealth Ebook Project (Massachusetts Library System), MN Writes, MN Reads (MELSA, MN) and The Los Angeles Public Library have embraced these innovations and produced inspiring Community Engagement projects and programming that not only engage local readers but writers, authors and the broader creative community.

This webinar takes a look at how these projects are leveraging Geolocation technology and unlimited simultaneous use content to create a seamless experience for engaging communities and increasing usage rates. 

Watch the full archived webinar, originally aired Wednesday, October 11, 2017 1:00 p.m. CDT. 

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