Because All Libraries Can Make the Campaign Their Own

Like most nonprofit organizations, the Catholic Library Association (CLA) has a unique set of concerns when it comes to marketing. How do you best promote what you do? How do you reach audiences, especially new ones?

Sigrid Kelsey, who advises the association on its marketing efforts and is the general editor of “Catholic Library World,” said she had been thinking about these very questions when the former president of the CLA forwarded her information on the ALA’s Libraries Transform campaign.

 Kelsey said, “At the time, I was in the process of figuring out how to help our members market their services and programs and boost our association’s numbers.” She thought Libraries Transform could help with both. She continued, “The campaign came already packaged and we didn’t have to start from scratch so that was very attractive to us. Plus, the Libraries Transform visuals were really great.”

According to Kelsey, many CLA members work in libraries at private K-12 Catholic schools. The CLA doesn’t have a large marketing budget or designer on staff, and a volunteer committee assists with most of the marketing duties.

“There are thousands of private Catholic schools all over the world and we’re hoping the Libraries Transform campaign can help us reach their librarians to spread our message about all that the CLA has to offer libraries and librarians,” Kelsey said.

Kelsey and others created CLA-specific “Because” statements that they felt really spoke to their members and the audience they are trying to tap. For example, one “Because” statement reads, “Because the Bible isn’t the only good book in a Catholic library.” The statements have been posted on social media, along with the hashtag #whyjoinCLA to encourage new members to sign up.

Kelsey commented, “The Libraries Transform visuals communicate very well on social media.” She has noticed the statements have helped increase the number of tweets and retweets and overall online engagement.

Kelsey is planning to print bookmarks with the CLA’s “Because” statements as another tool to help promote the CLA.

See more of the CLA’s “Because” statements.