Because One Week Can Make a Big Difference

When the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library System in North Carolina staff realized National Library Week (NLW) was fast approaching, they knew they wouldn’t have the time or resources to plan a major event or campaign. Cordelia Anderson, director of marketing, communications and advocacy for the library, said, “We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to engage with our community during National Library Week, so we decided to do a simple digital campaign using the Libraries Transform toolkit.” She continued, “With so many other programs, promotions, campaigns and announcements happening in April, we felt this was the best strategy for celebrating the week without competing with ourselves.”

According to Anderson, the library’s NLW campaign was conducted primarily on social media, with email and traditional media relations supplementing their digital efforts. For each day of the week, the library selected one Because statement and used it to highlight programs and services that are important to the community. For example, the library used the "Because learning starts before kindergarten" statement to inform the community about the library’s early literacy programs and services focused on what children need to experience before they learn how to read and write.

The chosen Because statements for the week were organized into an editorial calendar and scheduled to post at 10 a.m. every day on the library’s social channels, which included Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. To track community engagement and responses, staff used Sprout Social’s tagging feature and Google’s Campaign URL Builder in conjunction with the library website's Google Analytics.

The campaign resulted in:

  • more than 1,000 people visiting the Library's website and learning more about library services. Nearly 400 were new users.
  • the library receiving 54,000 impressions and 1,200 engagements on social media with the Libraries Transform content.
  • 25,000 users reading an e-blast about NLW that was sent to more than 100,000.
  • a local news outlet highlighting NLW in its April 9 issue, which led to an additional 540 clicks to the library’s website, 436 of which were from new users.

Anderson said the week-long campaign was very successful in raising awareness about the library and getting people to engage via social media and their specific calls to action. She added, “Libraries Transform is such a great resource, you shouldn’t be afraid to customize it for your needs like we did.”