Because Teamwork Works

To make an impactful connection with their community, Texas Library Association District 5, which represents librarians in the northeastern part of the state, created a video with members reading Libraries Transform Because statements. Each member selected a statement that spoke to them and reflected what was important to them about libraries. It’s evident in the video that the participants connected with what they were saying, making the video more effective at reaching District 5’s audience.

As Texas Library Association District 5 chair, Kendra Harrell knew she wanted to focus on increasing the group’s social media presence by posting new videos. She also wanted to increase engagement with District 5 members, so she decided the best way to engage with people is to involve them in a collaborative project. With all this in mind, the idea for a Because statement video came together.

Harrell said she recruited participants through the District 5 email list: “I originally asked only for 10 people, but I ended up having to send out an email telling people to stop volunteering because the video was going to be too long!”

She thought the practical logistics of collecting videos from different people throughout the district would be difficult to organize, but it ended up being much easier than expected. She recommends using a file-sharing site to simplify the submission process: “Since video files are fairly large, I couldn't just receive them through email, so I set up a Dropbox file request and sent the participants the link. That actually worked pretty well.”

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