Because These 5 Ideas May Inspire You

Person wearing t-shirt that reads: Because fonts have a voice.For the James V. Brown Library in Williamsport, Penn., the Libraries Transform toolkit was the starting point for building a marketing campaign. The library staff knew localizing Libraries Transform would be the key to reaching their library users and community leaders and members with their targeted messages. To accomplish their goals, the library staff got creative, very creative, with fun marketing ideas to help engage with their community.

“The response to the campaign has been extremely positive and the community is continuing to recognize the critical role libraries play in transforming lives,” said Barbara McGary, executive director of James V. Brown Library. As a result, the James V. Brown Library has committed to using Libraries Transform through at least 2020.

Take a look at five ideas implemented by the James V. Brown Library. See if they might appeal to your audiences, or think about putting your own library’s spin on one of them. Perhaps the list will help spark new ideas on how to promote the value of libraries in your community using Libraries Transform.

  1. Wear branded t-shirts

Every Wednesday, library staffers wear t-shirts printed with different Because statements. The t-shirts help spread the message about Libraries Transform with patrons and also keep the campaign top of mind amongst staff members.

  1. Order library cards with the campaign theme

Libraries Transform library card featuring a robot.The staff purchased new adult library cards featuring Libraries Transform. The cards reinforce the campaign messages with patrons.

  1. Ask library users for feedback and input

Notepads were created for patrons to fill out with their own personalized Because statements. An online version of the notepad was also made available. The statements are used in promotional materials and on social media. Additionally, the statements are shared during Board of Trustee meetings as well as with elected officials to show the impact of libraries.

  1. Launch a video series

The library is using the free video-creation site Adobe Spark to make short Libraries Transform videos to post on their YouTube channel. They incorporate personalized Because statements gathered from library users. The videos are also shared on the library’s social media channels.

  1. Hold a contest

For Library Card Sign-up Month this past September, the library organized a library card design contest for local teens asking them to create art that expresses what the library means to them.

If you have Libraries Transform ideas that have been successful in your community, please email them to We will share some of your ideas in an upcoming e-newsletter.

People wearing t-shirts that read: Because knowledge equals freedom. Because there's no app for that. Because I read past my bedtime. Because everyone needs change.Notepad: Because transformation is essential to the communities we serve. Libraries are valuable to you because...