Jill from Wickliffe, Ohio

When I first set out to home school my then 13 year old son several years ago, I was completely at a loss for where to begin. I am not a trained teacher. As a single mother with a degree in nutrition, curriculum design had always been far from my mind, but I did know his interests and how he learns. Apprehensive but hopeful, I turned to our local library. They did not disappoint. I was able to easily search topics throughout the entire Clevnet system in a variety of modalities including books, videos, cds, and audiobooks. Then, I was able to read reviews on the materials, put them on hold and renew them from my home computer. I turned our living room into a carnival of educational materials and my son began to experience the joy of learning!

The library offered not only books I could use to teach my son, but books I could use to teach myself how to teach my son. In addition, the library offers a comfortable meeting space in which my son and his tutor have been able to make astounding amounts of progress in a clean, safe, and caring environment. The library's friendly atmosphere is curated by a tight-knit staff who know my son by name and have done a remarkable job of fostering his self-advocacy skills. The regular library patrons have played a significant role in helping to teach social skills while sharing their knowledge on select topics. Some days, it is comparable to a day in the life of Mr. Rogers!

Our library has given us a place to turn when it seemed as though so many doors were closing. I continue to be amazed by all it has to offer, the continued growth in what is being offered and commend the staff on creating a place where everybody knows your name and you're always glad you came! Thank you!!