Marilyn Jean from Kearney Nebraska

I have always loved reading and going to the library. But a wonderful thing  happened in my life when I signed up for my first computer class there.As a  senior citizen, I did not grow up with computers. I so envied the people who  could use them with ease. "How do they do that?" I wondered. For several years

I  felt I was just too old to learn those new skills. But with much trepidation I  did sign up for a basic computer class at our local library.I was so nervous  while waiting for the class to begin.I later found out that several of my classmates felt the same way. But we were all immediately put at ease by the  very understanding and patient instructor. All of us were soon able to surf the  web.What a wonderful feeling! The library staff continued to be so helpful, and  patiently answered our many questions. The computer has brought a new and  wonderful dimension to my life. It literally brings the world to my home.I love  looking up such things as family history and the new medical treatments.None of  this would have been possible without our patient and caring library staff.They  all appear to truly love their jobs. They make the library seem very warm and  vibrant. We appreciate them so very much.