Nancy from Naples, Florida

Three years ago I developed a hearing loss. In addition to going to ENT doctor for tests, I also went to the library to read about the problem. I read all the books that they had available. I did note that many of the books were not written for the average person, they were more for the medical community. I soon realized that the library needed a simple book written for the average person that would help to solve some basic questions and give solutions to the problems that people experience with hearing loss.

After my research showed that there was a need, I decided it was time for me to write that book that was missing. I started by doing interviews with audiologists, and hearing departments in various hospitals. I contacted agencies that focus on the problem. I did meet with audiologists in different states. Little by little I started to put together the information that the average reader needed to know. 

As a result, after two years of research, I wrote my book HEARING LOSS AND WINNING SOLUTIONS.  It was my library research that first inspired my project.

Now the library has been kind enough to allow me to do programs about the subject. This year I did several programs for the public on hearing loss. The programs were well attended, and I am already booked to do more hearing loss programs for the 2007 season.

The library has  promoted these programs through a special events booklet that they distribute to the public. My new book offers strategies for the hearing-impaired and their families. It was the library that helped to change my life so that I became an author.  I always liked to read, but I had not thought about writing a book before.
Presently, I teach writing and I have encouraged other potential writers to do their research first, this will enhance their writing.  Libraries are a symbol of learning. They offer you the opportunity to enlarge your perspective, and best of all, there is usually no charge for this service. The librarians are so helpful, they give of themselves to help you find answers to any questions you may have. While writing my book, I would often contact the reference department of the library to get useful tips for publication. They told me to make sure I had an index, and a bibliography. These sections of the book are very useful to the staff. They also researched the most accurate spelling for technical words when I was unsure which spelling was most accurate. As I reflect on the value of libraries, they continue to be a symbol of the American theory of freedom. “All men and women are entitled to certain inalienable rights”. You can go to most any library, select your books, and without any charge you can read without censorship. This is the American way of life. Unfortunately, this does not exist in all parts of the world.