Natalie from Anaheim, California

A few years ago I witnessed a phenomenon that impacted my life in a major way. Book retailers started closing their doors in numbers. As I said goodbye to Border’s bookstores, a chapter in my life closed as well. That was the bookstore I shopped at for my latest reads, where I would meet friends to study and sometimes catch live bands.

During college you could find me searching the shelves as soon as finals ended looking for a new book to read during the upcoming break. Around the same time my local used bookstore, the Book Baron, also closed its doors. 

Without a doubt the closing of books stores changed my life.  Books weren’t as accessible to purchase anymore. If I wanted a book immediately, which is often the case, I had to drive further away to find a bookstore or I had to order it online and patiently wait for its delivery. Because I insist on reading the printed word, access to books remains the same today. I’ve come to depend greatly on my local libraries to feed my reading habits.     

Anaheim alone has 7 branches in addition to the Bookmobile and Heritage Reading Room. Although Buena Park only has one library, they usually have books that I am looking for, not available at the Anaheim libraries.

The Orange County Public Libraries has over 30 libraries in their network. In honor of National Library Week I have plans to add the OC Library’s card to my current stash. 

Beyond fulfilling my need for mental stimulation, or book worm entertainment, my blog would not be what it is without my local libraries. Victory Book Club would not exist without access to historical fiction or books written in years past.

I wouldn’t be able to share all of the wonderful historic photos in A Place I Live series if it weren’t for the truly wonderful work of Jane Newell. Jane is the manager of the Anaheim Heritage Center and Reading Room, and knows so much about the local history that I am always amazed. A big thank you to Jane and all those who make our local libraries thrive.